Jimmy Teaches You Pilot Episode

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

the pilot episode to my series, if it goes well i'll post more episodes.
in this episode jimmy gets a pet and teaches you the expertise of buying a pet.

Setting: outside animal shelter.

Jimmy is standing outside.

Jimmy: hello, internet people, i am-am a a a am BUTTFACE POLO HEEEEEAAAAADDDD! 
I am Jimmy. today i am adopting a. *whispers* what was it again?

Crew: a dog

Jimmy: a dog. Lets go on inside this animal shelter.

Goes inside.

Jimmy: i am the expert at adopting adopting POO! uh dogs.

Jimmy sees dog.


crew: its a dog sir

Jimmy: oh, i knew that. You see viewers that is the expert way to great a dog, they love it. 

Walks up to counter. 

Jimmy: heeeeeelllllloooooooooo. 

Counterperson: hello, how may i help you today? 

Jimmy: well i would like to adopt a a a a HUGE PIECE OF MILKY TOES!!! 

Counterperson: excuse me?

Jimmy: um, sorry a dog.

Counterperson: oh, sure. Which one do you want? 

Jimmy: well... i want the one over there!

Jimmy points at a bunny

Counterperson: thats a rabbit....

Jimmy: well no one told me that! Ok I'll take a dog.

Counterperson: yeah, which one sir?

Jimmy: a dog, like the one over there.

Jimmy points at a cat.

Counterperson: sir, were you ever educated?

Jimmy: my education does not concern you. Now i want a dog.

Counterperson: sir, we need to know which one you want.

Jimmy: we? There's no no no TEETHED MEATLOAF BRAINNNNN!! Uhh, no one else around here. Unless you're calling me stupid. 

Counter person: no, sir im not calling you stupid. 

Jimmy: ohhhh, you're calling yourself stupid. 

Counter person: no! Im not calling ANYONE stupid.

Jimmy: sheesh, i only came in here for a dog...

Counterperson: Fine You Can Have Your Dog...

Jimmy looks at camera

Jimmy: join me next time when i teach you how to care for the creature.

Submitted: July 05, 2016

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