Once I Knew

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I saw an old friend on the street the other day...

Submitted: January 14, 2008

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Submitted: January 14, 2008



I once knew this girl Nicole. We were best friends in middle school. The two of us were always together. We cut classes together, stole cigarettes and smoked them together. We were two young girls, waiting to become juvenile delinquints.

Once, she decided to start drinking. I've seen what drinking can do to a person firsthand; my father. When she was drinking, she was no longer Nicole. She was angry and bitter; she was sad and remorseful. She became more moody.

I once knew this girl Nicole. We used to be best friends. Until she started drinking.

I saw her on the street today. We are both in our late 20's. I almost didn't recognize her. Her skirt was a bit on the short side, her heels a bit too high.

I once knew this girl Nicole.


Note from the author: I know that not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic or a prostitute. I know that a lot of these are learned behaviors and are also hereditary. This is a true story. It makes me sad, knowing where she is, yet not knowing her anymore.

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