Leaving Each Other

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This poem generally comes from my own experience. It's a cold feeling i felt when I lost someone really important in my life; not because I didn't love them anymore but because I had to so that the other people I love won't get hurt.

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012




Leaving Each Other


Knowing me; like no other

Within my soul; witnessing my terror,

As you got close; to define my horror

Staying with you; for any longer.


Though you see; right through me

Enough to stop; my heart beating,

I don’t live; to soon be free

That I leave you; while my eyes tearing.


Your love; a one chance in life

Gold in the heart; pure in the soul,

Without, it is; I’m trying to thrive

Hard as it gets; to ignore your call.


As it’s a disaster; to leave each other

I swallow the pain; as it’s hard to conquer,

Let’s believe; it’s for the better

Berry our love; within the cold fire.

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