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This piece is all about a high school girl that captures all that I am(yesgood). Her beauty can be compared to Aphrodite and could launch millions of war craft.But the sadness is that it seems that we were never meant to be as stated in the poem.

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011




It was a usual day of March when I loved you

I could say I’m in love, I don’t know what to do

Your beauty captured me; your smile brings luck to me

I was with friends; my heart with you and I’m happy.

You made me lend my keenest grin, that’s what you do

All day long I always look for a certain clue

To realize and criticize your affection

I hope someday we could have a great relation.

Your delightful way makes me giggle anyway

I was too outspoken” I love you” I can’t say

I do purely pity myself being hopeless

Joy is vague but I assume it nevertheless.

My girl, you don’t have to wear worries in your heart

I’ll still love you even if I had a new start

I’ll always bear you forever in my senses

And for always I’ll accept all your excuses.

I’d rather persist than resist on loving you

You don’t know that my love for you is really true

I will always believe that we were meant to be

Just to cease the jealous I feel inside of me.

There is more to your beauty that I like it most

I tell you, coast to coast your kindness I can boast

Your tenderness makes me love a fairy like you

Oh dear! Your beauty melts away all of my blue.

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