a night in the forest

Script by: yeshu


its quite horror type,but different than horror


Submitted: September 05, 2009

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Submitted: September 05, 2009



There were several friends who went for camping which was organized nicely by them.they were 20 in number and were being guided by a person named yohan,a Japanese guide.he used to misguide and scare people iin the camps and kill them. These teens were divided in 4 groups each having 5 members they all went for a walk but one of the group left behind.these were james,hailie,suzie,almond and john,al were very good friends and can do anything for each other.at this scary kinda moment john said-hey all friends!dont be afraid there’s nothing for which you should do that.

Suzzie-ya,I know n I think that’s the reason behind your wet pants,isn’t it?

John-oh please!i fell down in a pond and got wet,its nt the shit your thinking about.

Suzzie-but I don’t remember any pond in our way.


Hailie- oh shut up you both!instead of fighting try to find the way towards the camp.

They all agreed.

Suzzie-hey almond why don’t you sing a song for us?

Almond-for sure sweety this one specialy for you,everyone ready?

James-please wait I m unable to find anything to stuck in my ears.

Hailie-shut up james!(throwing stone towards him)

Everyone was glad by almond’s song

Hailie-hey stop!why is there so much of silence?

Suzzie-oh my god!i m really not feeling good over here(holding john’s hand tightly)

John-suzzie your hurting my hand,so please leave it.

Suzzie-oh!i m sorry.

Hailie-anyone heard that sound?i think the sound is coming from west direction.lets go and see…

James-stop!i think there is something wanting us to move

Almond-hey what’s on my feet?

Hailie-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.hellllpppppppppp!this area is completely filled by worms.help me please oh my god.

James-hail control yourself,guys don’t move a single part of your body,just do what I am saying.

Almond-oh yes!these bloody creatures are leaving.thank god.

Suzzie-then c’mon guys lets move out of here

James-suzzie don’t move

Suzzie-what?but why?

James throw a stone and it get burnt itself Almond at the spot-what the hell is going on here?

John-no one is to breathe for a minute

After a minute or so hailie throws a stone and nothing happens to it ,all right peole move.

(tring tring tring tring)

James-hey what’s that?

Hailie-its just a voicemail for me.

Almond-what?you have a cellphone here?why didn’t u tell us about that?

Hailie-its personal,it was gifted to me,today,in the morning.

Suzzie-wow!why u didn’t tell me about that?i thought we were best friends

Hailie-look,suzzie,we are best friends but I didn’t got time to tell u.i m sorry!to you all,really.

John-its ok,but who gifted it to you?

Almond-ya tell us


Suzzie-what?you mean?you mean cruise dollen?

oh my god,I cant believe it.

Hailie-ya he proposed me,as I told you,in the morning


James(in ajealous voice)-will you stop all that?we should concentrate on going back to camp

.hailie,give me your cell,let me make the call.

Hailie-hey,I got a voicemail let me hear it first.

James-ya sure,it must be of your stupid boyfriend.

Suzzie-are you jealous?

James-hey hey hey!why should I be jealous.

Hailie- hey,guys wait.

You have a voice mail----hailie,help us,call somebody,I don’t have much time.yohan,hail,yohan.i don’t know if I will be alive but I love you,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Hailie-I think something had happened there.oh god,please help them.

James-I think no one except your chocolate boyfriend is having problem.

Hailie(in an angry voice)-why are you talking like this?whats the matter?why are you behaving like this?answer me,don’t stay quite answer me..

James(being enticed)-because I love you and cant see you with someone else.

Almond-wow wow wow wooow!

Suzzie-is it really true james?

John-well,do anyone know where we are?

Almond-hey someone is there.

Hailie-I think that’s yohan.

John-hey you there!help us,save us!

James-yohan,where are other people?

Yohan- sorry.

Hailie- sorry?what sorry?what happened to them?

Yohan-they are no more.


Almond-but how?

Yohan-I was hungry.

John-so?if you were hungry so what?

Yohan- I am hungry still.

James-what happened to them?

Yohan(moving towards suzzie)-I want to drink your blood and eat your flesh

Suzzie(being scared)- are you?are you mad?

sYohan-suzzie you’re my dinner come to me(hypnotizing her by looking in her eyes)all your friends were damn tasty,and now,its your turn.

Almond-no!no way,run from there suzzie.

Suzzie(being hypnotized)-ya,I am your dinner,come have me.

Hailie-no way suzz,your not his food or something.

John(standing in front of suzzie)-please suzz!look into my eyes,I love you,I confess it now please get conscious you are not his food,please please suzzie!

Suzzie(affected by john’s love get conscious)-what is happening here?yohan?thank god you are here take us away of this place. James-everybody run!there’s the highway,we have to reach there.

John-suzzie,don’t think just run Almond falls on the ground

Hailie-c’mon almond we have to run,we gotta save our lives.

Almond-I cant,I just cant,you run from here save yourself,please I request you,go,just go ypou stupid.

They all reach to highway and hears the painful cry of almond.

Hailie-its my fault,tis all my fault,I should have been there with him.

John-now,its ok hailie,we can do nothing now,almond id dead.

James-look,ther’s a car.

They all shout in one voice-hey,help us save us,please,help! The car stops and take them to the city,saving their lives.

After 7 years or so, John and suzzie get married and after 2-3 months of that james and hailie also get married and they all live their lives,bearing the pain of their friends death.

© Copyright 2017 yeshu. All rights reserved.

a night in the forest

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



its quite horror type,but different than horror
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