My Reflection (Who she is inside)

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I basically took elements of my own life and wrote it all down. It just sorta came to me one day. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Submitted: June 19, 2008

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Submitted: June 19, 2008



When she cries, the whole world seems to fall apart. When she smiles, the sun shines at its brightest. When she's put to the test, her strength keeps her afloat in the sea. When she falls in love, she's caught in a storm of mixed emotions. She's a helpless wreck when she's down and the greatest inspiration when she's at her best. She's the equilibrium to the chaos between her social life and family ties. She keeps herself busy so that she doesn't notice all the mistakes she makes every single day. She sees past teh flaws and obvious to keep from being hurt but dies slowly inside with each waking step she takes. She has so much yet to learn and prove in this world. She doesn't always know what to do when faced with challenges she's unfamiliar with. She confides in her friends and has faith in God to keep her in line. She strives for the very best regardless of what comes in her way or the sacrifices she has to go through. All the stress she faces makes and breaks her. Though a quick learner she manages to fall back on previous moments because of the missing parts to her heart. She's been pushed to the limit and almost committed her life but with her friends and love, she made it through. She's beautiful, intelligent, strong, honest, loyal, and expressive. She lives her life to what is considered the fullest, keeping priorities in check. Yet she finds no true love to keep her whole. Each love teaches her something new about herself and takes of part of her witht hem. She hopes to one day find a love to love her the way she does. With time she will learn to be immune to mistakes, but when that day comes, she'll have committed her life and gone to another world where peace and love are hand in hand. She's restless and a rebel who fears who she is on the inside. She only knows so much about herself and is willing to find out the rest. She loses herself at times and never truly recovers it all for it's been lost in her many previous lives. Her dreams once led her through the dark and now leave her clueless to what's in store. She no longer dreams it seems. She simply stares into darkness and gets lost in the silence hoping to wake the next day to fulfill her destiny. Her intuition guides her and makes her who she is. Determined to succeed she fails constantly and keepstrying. But no matter how many times she falls, crashes, burns, dies... she always comes back to help those in her life to live better than she. She, who knows not what she'll become, but who she is now, is me. Beauty in the Dark alt

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