Regrets (Chocolate Kisses)

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The title basically explains the poem. Regrets that hit you in the worst part. At first it seems like chocolate kisses and then it turns sour and hurtful.. just like a regret. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Submitted: June 27, 2008

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Submitted: June 27, 2008



So we've managed to set our differences apart and come back together.

No matter what after we've been through these past few days, I still feel like there's something missing.

You're not the same anymore.

You seem like you're in this relationship because you feel bad.

I'd much rather us be apart if this is how it's gonna be.

I wanted you for who you were...

Carefree, silly, and happy.

You seem so serious and tired of me.

I used to make you smile non-stop and now you seem lost in a daze.

I can't take the silence you give me.

It kills me inside to see you like this.

It hurts worse cuz I know it's because of me.

You still love her and I made you choose me...

So even if it breaks my heart, I want you to be happy.

Take this as your freedom... I love you.

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