beware of the pain

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beware of the unbreakable

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



Through the darkness of the night

I was calling

Through the blowing wind

I was screaming

Through the endless years

I've been waiting for a risk to take me home

For a grave to hide my sorrows

For a rain to washout my tears

Looking in the desert to find what I lost

I've lost my thoughts

I've lost my right to bargain for my life and what I deserve on my way

I had enough tears and enough memories to greed on

Beware of my anger, of my pain

Because it can dig your grave if I want

With my unbreakable chain

With it I can complete my way to my goal through this life

You can vanish me, vanish my true identity, and vanish the truth

But you'll never be able to vanish my sorrows, my dreams

You will never vanish my tears not the ones from the sorrow but the ones of knowing

The conclusion of life

This is running from our troubles by creating new ones

For that I have to say that:

I'm the thief of life

The warrior of the battle (life)

The knight of my kingdom

Soon we will be able united again by the sorrows we will share hands together

I will deceive davinchi to draw the painting of life

But I guess even for him it's too hard.




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