bury your sorrows

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if the past is your problem then you're wrong it' the fear of tomorrow that will break your tear

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



every thing has been said and done

the ocean has left it's courage

the sun lost it's glowing

every one is staring at your face

there is no answer to all of this

all you can say is nothing is gonna be the same

but the hope will always be kept in my heart forever it will be

the sun will come out

the ocean is going to live again

what ever u do what ever u say

the rain will wash it away

don't hold back by your past

it's far away gone my friend

be a believer in your soul

and try to understand what your world is made for

seek for a chance to forget it all

turn the page and start all over

regret will do you no good and neither is waiting fire

be brave and try for once more

bury your sorrows and walk

don't look back don't look back

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