what the future have in mind for me

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we all in some point begin to wonder how did i end up here well in this part of my life i wrote this poem to explain how i felt

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



who i am

working hard but without any pay

working hard day by day

trying to understand by any way

how could i ever be the one who i am reaching to be

is it by being the best or is it the simplest it could be

so tell me why why am i in this

is it me or is it the pain that i reach too see

i can tell ou my friend the pain will never go away

but the hope will always remain my almost fact of each day

i can tell u my friend the million dollar smile that u will never see

seeking for a guide that can show me the way

seeking for an inspiration that will make me go throw this day

so tell me my friend why am i in tears

the pain i have it can't be cured

cuz the pain i have is from the bottom of my fears

i know i could never be some one that any body would die to be

but try to understand that this is the best i could be

believe it or not but the world isn't about u and me

i know this symphony of how my life is supose to be

but the questions remain of how to behave

if some one stears at u and all u could do is to fake a smile

even though u r being a liar

cuz what they can't see is your flaming fire

you are always shading in tear when no one is there

but i can see byond this smiling fire

don't act like u don't care cuz i know it means the world to u

but this haze won't stay the same

i know this foggy sky will never stay this grey

but my faith of who i want to be will hunt me throw each day

so this is who i am and this is who i want to be

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