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Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012



Aaron Pulis's Score:


Title Page: 25

Requirements: 100

Mechanics: 100

Creativity: 100

Origanization: 100

Dialouge: 0

Solution/ Resolution: 100


Setting: 80


Total Score: 78

Personal: 100



Now, Aaron Pulis you did amazing! And you should be proud of this score. There is room for improvement, but we all have that. You see there are two scores. The total is your actual score and the Personal is what I would have given your story minus the grading chart. Now Aaron out of the few I've graded you had the best scores, but the lack of dialouge and creation on the title page was what set you back. If you had even a hint of  Dialouge that would have brung your score way up. If I were you, I would pay more attention to the personal score instead of the total because you did very very well in my book. When all the scores are posted you will know where you stand in the contest. Good Luck, and congrats! 

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