Yidhra Codex - Lord Azag

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A never-told-tale about Lord Azag (Azathoth).

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



Ye book came down from heaven or from hell,
as a gift or a curse,
but more likely to drive Thee mad,
and although I did not noticed,
my eyes felt unto Thee...

Immediately two parts were already sealed in mine soul,
and maybe a triangle, who may know?
But as I encountered Thy first name,
I was already bound to become insane...

Reading in ye Book of Azif or nocturnal sound,
reading to be bound,
ye pages so dark and terrible,
I am inscribed.

But these mantra is not of hope,
for it could only bring madness without soul.
Without knowing it was so,
I worshipped Thee already years ago.

But it was a time of friendship between you and me,
which now faded in mastery...
Thou name reflected in my mind,
and after our friendship love arrived.

A love so deep and tender my Lord,
Thou brought me hope.
Listen carefully to this words,
for it is a tale untold...

I wasn't satisfied with only a thought,
I had to show Thee my immortal love.
As so I created ye eight-rayed fired shadow,
which I assumed to be Saturn.

O Lord, how terrible, a mindless deed,
which I did oversee.
And indeed Khepera came down,
so with a thousand hands and claws to touch mine.

Red eyes appeared wicked and deep,
and changed its form in front of me.
How does it scan if it can't see,
how could it behold me?

But it showed a way to go,
and mindless I followed it so.
Finally it did disappear,
but always bound to me,
never took its eyes away,
I am doomed and can't pray.

But in ye Book of Azif,
there was a rotting page.
This text could hurt our beloved Lord,
we had to destroy it hence!

Travelling back to the Dark Wood,
which I made unknowingly ye restplace of Marduk,
how foolish of me to do so...

But Marduk is sleeping and could not control ye wood,
so ye Lord came unto me. B.I.G. and terrible,
how did it grew so high, it reached into ye clouds,
but ye soul was on the ground.

Every step meaned death,
every tree had to bow for Thee.
I had to escape the black wood,
or my love had to consume me.

What did it learn to be so fast,
where I stepped it was already there,
unescapable wrath and terror,
why did I had to love Thee Lord?

But ye print was seated in my heart,
making his enemy mine.
In wrath ye Elder Lords seeketh me,
this damned Lost Child had to die...

Thunder and storm opened behind me,
how could I escape nature's wrath?
But on ye hill there was my Lord,
talking to ye being unknown,
as it turned its wicked voice entered my head,
to turn back now, to never look back.

I listened carefully to ye Lord and that night
ye terror saved my soul, but there was a toll...

I did burn ye wicked page in the Dark Wood,
and I made ye promise never to harm Thee,
but ye decided to test me,
I casted my spell upon thee,
but did not work at all for me,
ye Lord touched me one single time and I fell unto ye ground.

My heart was bleeding, what a powerful love,
but strangely I was healed afterwards.
Ye dark night came I angered the Lord,
and ye wind came to take me from Earth.

Carrying me to Aldebaran, His court,
I had to explain although no talking allowed.
IA! My Lord, he chained me unto His throne,
I had to be punished 'cause I was now owned...

Of what Azag did is too wicked to tell,
I cannot describe it even if I want it so,
may this be of a warning: to never get involved!
Do not read Al Azif at all..

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