D.O.F Vol. 2: Healing hand meets Light sword.

D.O.F Vol. 2: Healing hand meets Light sword. D.O.F Vol. 2: Healing hand meets Light sword.

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Previously on D.O.F: Balmunk and Nathan's village was invaded by thousands of fiends. There grandfather fighting for their safety be came injured. Seeing this Nathan exploded with power killing everything in site, their grandfather gave his life in order to save Balmunk from Nathan's power. After the danger faded Nathan remember nothing of what happened so Balmunk choose not to tell him he killed everyone and vowed to kill the person who sent the fiends.
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Previously on D.O.F: Balmunk and Nathan's village was invaded by thousands of fiends. There grandfather fighting for their safety be came injured. Seeing this Nathan exploded with power killing everything in site, their grandfather gave his life in order to save Balmunk from Nathan's power. After the danger faded Nathan remember nothing of what happened so Balmunk choose not to tell him he killed everyone and vowed to kill the person who sent the fiends.

Chapter1 (v.1) - D.O.F Vol. 2: Healing hand meets Light sword.

Author Chapter Note

Previously on D.O.F: Balmunk and Nathan's village was invaded by thousands of fiends. There grandfather fighting for their safety be came injured. Seeing this Nathan exploded with power killing everything in site, their grandfather gave his life in order to save Balmunk from Nathan's power. After the danger faded Nathan remember nothing of what happened so Balmunk choose not to tell him he killed everyone and vowed to kill the person who sent the fiends.

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 20, 2013




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D.O.F Created:3/18/13


Vol.2 Healing hands meets light sword


Timmy swing on a mischief swing tied to a tree enjoys the day, being 8 years old he still doesn’t have a care in the world. While swing Timmy heard his mother call out to him.

Rachel: Timmy come eat it’s lunch time!!

Timmy hopped off the swing and yelled back to his mother.

Timmy: K mom!! On my way!!

Timmy began to run toward a bundle of set up tents. Timmy entered one of the tents excited to see his mother had made his favorite dish.

Timmy: Sweet my favorite, Fried fish with Red rice…What’s the occasion??

Rachel: Your Father is sure he’s almost unlocked the secrets of the temple here.

Timmy started stuffing his face replying with a full mouth.

Timmy: Cool, can I go see dad when I’m done...??

Rachel laughed lightly at the way Timmy was stuffing his face and trying to talk.

Rachel: Finish the food in your mouth before you talk silly. It’s not polite.

Timmy swallowed everything he had in his mouth, grabbed the cut of tea near him and drank it all without stopping. He smiled at his mother as he set the cup back down.

Timmy: Sorry mom, I just wanted to know if I can go hang with dad when I’m done eating.

After a few more bite Timmy his cup again and put his hand out with the cup in it.

Timmy: Can I have some more tea?

Rachel walked over grabbing the cup as soon as she grabbed it Timmy began stuffing his face again.

Rachel: Yes and yes, but you know the rules don’t touch anything and watch your step. He should be in the normal stop.

Rachel gave Timmy his cup back full of tea, finishing the last of his plate he grabbed the cup. Washing down his food with the tea Timmy handed him mother his plate and cup.

Timmy: Thank you mom. Love you, going with dad now.

Rachel: Okay be careful, love you to.

Timmy began walking over to some ruins behind their camp, making his way through an open lot that seemed like an arena he came up to a oversized temple. Looking at the stairway leading up the temple seemed the size of a mountain. Timmy began climbing the steps without stopping. At the top Timmy sat on the top set to catch his breath. As Timmy was getting up off the top set he glimpsed someone at the bottom of the temple sets. He stop his head back in that direction to make sure he wasn’t seeing things, but when he looked there was no one there. Timmy shrugged he shoulder thinking he was just seeing things. Timmy then made his way inside the temple, once inside there was only one way to go. Another stairway that circled down into a room, the room was mostly empty but for a wooden table and urns lying here and there. In the back in place of what was supposed to be another way down was a rope leading down a hole.

Timmy: I always forget about this. I wonder what happen to the way down….thank you dad for the rope.

Timmy began climbing down the rope, reaching the next level down Timmy came to two openings. Timmy knew the left one was a dead end to be made his way through the right one.

Timmy: I wonder what dad is studying down here today.

Timmy continued the corridor the right opening lead to ending up in a room so tall Timmy couldn’t see the sealing.

Timmy: Father!! Are you in here!!

Timmy’s father, Ralph, emerged from behind a pillar in the middle of the room.

Ralph: Shhh!!!  I don’t know how stable this room is….

Ralph said in a slightly below average voice tone.

Timmy: Oh sorry dad….So what’s today’s discovery?

Ralph held up some scrolls showing them to Timmy.

Ralph: I found these scrolls they have markings on them I recognize. I might be able to translate these.

Timmy: Sweet, what do you recognize?

Ralph: Well this one means “chosen” and this one “blade”. Hmmm…..this is going to take some time….

Ralph said rubbing his chin.

Timmy: So do you need help with anything?

Ralph pointed at some carvings on a wall beside them.

Ralph: You can finish dusting off those carvings for me, while I take these scrolls back to camp.

Timmy: Okay...what about when I’m done?

Ralph: When you’re done come to camp for dinner.

Timmy: k

Timmy said kneeling down by a container, opening it Timmy pulled a bundle of what looked like paint brushes and began dusting off the carvings on the wall his father spoke of. Finishing in no time Timmy left back for camp just as his father told him to. Upon him leaving a girl emerged from the shadows dressed in a green and white dress hold a cat in her arms.

Mysterious Girl: So what do you think, should we activate it?

Cat: You act as if we have a choice in the matter.

The cat said jumping out of the girls arms.

Mysterious Girl: That family is here what if something happens.

Cat: Always worried…

The cat said with a sigh.

Cat: Cherish do you really think your mother would you come here and activate this place if it was a bad thing in any way?

Cherish: Yea that’s true.

Cat: See, now stop being a brat and activate this place.

Cherish acting upset stomped her foot.

Cherish: You’re the brat Ouka!! Besides you’re the spoiled one, being a fatty with all that fish.

Ouka rolled on her back with her tongue hanging out rubbing her stomach.

Ouka: Can you blame me…

Cherish pointed at Ouka laughing.

Cherish: You know if you weren’t a cute cat that’d be creepy.

They both paused for a moment then began to laugh together.

Cherish: So how do I get this thing started?

Ouka: The opening should be over here.

Ouka made her way to the center of the room giving Cherish the signal to follow.

Ouka: The way to the next level should be under this lion carving.

Ouka said pushing her paw against the lion carving.

Cherish: Okay stand back.

Cherish placed her hands together and closed her eyes, after a few moments an aura of light began surrounding her. The ground the lion carving sat began to move revealing a stairway to another level down. Cherish and Ouka made their way down the stairway ending up in an empty room the only thing being a hope in the wall on the far end. Cherish looked down at Ouka.

Cherish: There’s nothing here…

With those words said grooves in the wall began to light up, Cherish dropped to her knees grabbing at her head.

Ouka: Cherish are you okay!?!?!

Cherish: I don’t know…I felt something suck the strength out of me.

Mysterious Voice: Daughter of Fiona, I thank you for returning my strength.

Ouka jumped into attack mode.

Ouka: Who’s there!?!?! Show yourself!?!?!

Mysterious Voice: I am Oran the overseer of the blade hidden here.

Just in front of Cherish and Ouka an alter slowly sprang from the ground with a diamond sitting on top of it. The hole in the far wall shot a white beam of energy into the diamond, Cherish and Ouka covered their eyes from the intense brightness of the beam. As the light from the beam died down Cherish and Ouka say the diamond begin to take the shape of a sword.

Oran: Behold the blade with the ability to cut through anything you seek.

Cherish with some strength back eased her way back to her feet.

Cherish: So with is what mother wanted me to find.

Ouka: I’ll seal it. I don’t want you to use anymore strength.

Cherish: Okay lets….

Before Cherish could finish Oran cut her off.

Oran: You are mistaken this is not the blade you seek.

Cherish: What are you talking about?

Oran: I sense the power emanating from the sheath of Agape. You seek the blade of Agape one of the blades from old.

Ouka: Since you know all that, would you happen to know where it is?

Oran: The blade of Agape has been lost for many years, too many years for even me to know.

Cherish: Okay…so what happens with you?

Oran: I shell sleep in till one worthy happens upon me.

Cherish: Sounds good, Ouka ready to go?

Ouka: We’re leaving like that….okay…

Cherish: I’m not going to act like I know what my mother wants me to do, but she sent us here to activate this temple. She didn’t say anything about this sword.

Oran: I would not have you leave the same way you came.

The stairway Cherish and Ouka came from became sealed off by a wall, another wall shifted over revealing another way out.

Oran: Fair well daughter of Fiona….

Cherish and Ouka made their way through the new opening that led to a hallway. After walking through the hallway for a few moments they entered a small chamber with a door and a stone table. The table had two books on it.

Ouka: Cherish look, books.

Cherish walked over and picked one of the books up and lightly skimmed through a few pages.

Cherish: It’s a technique book….

Suddenly Cherish became extremely excited.

Ouka: What is it!?!?!

Cherish: These books are on the powers of light. They’ll help me master me powers.

Ouka sighed with relief.

Ouka: Don’t do that!!! You scared me….That’s good though.

Cherish placed the two books in a bag she had strapped to her waist.

Cherish: Yea I might learn how to do more than just heal people’s wounds.

Ouka: Shall we continue…?

Cherish and Ouka made their way through the door in the small room they were in. Opening the door Cherish saw a ladder leading up Cherish then kneeled for Ouka could jump on her shoulders. On her shoulders Cherish made her way up the ladder at the top she pushed open a small panel covering the way out. Climbing out Cherish noticed they were in the forest behind the temple. Out she reclosed the panel and thru some grass and leafs over it to camouflage it.

Ouka: We’re close to where we set down our belongings.

Cherish: Good I feel really out of it. I’d like to rest for awhile.

Ouka started leading Cherish to where their little camp was.


Mean While…

Timmy got back to his camp.

Timmy: Dad, I finished dusting off the carvings.

Ralph coming from the largest tent in their camp replied.

Ralph: Thank you my boy.

Ralph walked over to Timmy and put his arm over Timmy’s shoulders.

Ralph: Lets go your mother is making dinner.

Together Timmy and Ralph walked over to the camps fire place where Rachel was cooking more fish.

Timmy: Hey mom!!!

Rachel turned toward Ralph and Timmy waving with a smile, Ralph walked up to Rachel and gave her a small kiss.

Ralph: Almost done…?

Rachel: Just finished.

Rachel said taking the fish off the stick they were piked on placing the fish on wood plates she had beside her.

Rachel: Ready to dig in boys?

Timmy: Yea smells good.

Rachel took a pot off the fire, opening the lid you could see rice in the pot. She grabbed a large wooden spoon and scooped a nice amount of rice plopping some on each of the plates with the plates complete Rachel handed a plate to Ralph and Timmy. Rachel and Ralph slowly ate their meals as Timmy stuffed his face once again.

Rachel: Timmy you can slow down….the food not going anywhere.

Rachel said with a smile and soft chuckle. Timmy looked up at his mother and tried to speak but his mouth was to full, Rachel and Ralph chuckled at Timmy. As the family ate their meals the sun set, finished with their food Rachel collected Timmy’s and Ralph’s plate. Timmy followed his father to the largest tent in camp, entering the tent Timmy saw several steel tables, urns on the ground and scrolls scattered across the tables.

Timmy: So dad did you ever translate those scrolls you brought back?

Ralph picked a scroll up and began skimming through it.

Ralph: Almost “You who the blade has choosen” that’s it so far.

Timmy scratched his head in confusion.

Timmy: Wonder what that means? You haven’t found any swords in that temple, right?

Ralph placed the scroll he was skimming through back on the table.

Ralph: Right…but we also haven’t explored the entire temple.

Timmy: So what are you doing now?

Ralph: Still translating this scroll it might help us explore more of the temple. Now get ready for bed.

Ralph said walking over to Timmy giving his a hug.

Timmy: Okay…Good night love you.

Ralph: Love you to my boy.

Timmy left the tent and made his way to one of the smaller tents. Inside Timmy open a silver box, clothing and other odd looking devices sat inside. Timmy pulled out a steel pen sized pin, placing it near his mouth. By his mouth the pin took the form of a booth brush, Timmy began brushing his teeth while pulling the clothing in the silver box out. Done brushing his teeth Timmy poked his head out of his tent so he could spit, with that Timmy placed the pin back in the box and changed his clothes. Dressed for bed Timmy took a small silver brick out of the box.

Timmy: Activate.

Timmy said into the small brick, with that word the brick flipped open making a flat silver panel. It then created holograms of a keyboard and screen. Timmy began typing on the keyboard.

Timmy: Nothing new and no mail. You’d think with all this technology they could tell us what’s on the other side of the great divide. Computer deactivate.

The holograms disappeared and the panel went back to its brick form, Timmy placed it back in the box shutting it. Timmy then left for the large tent him and his father were in.

Timmy: Dad I’m ready for bed.

Timmy looked inside but his father wasn’t in the tent anymore. Looking around he saw his mother and jogged over to her.

Timmy: Mom where’s dad?

Rachel: Using the restroom. I’ll tell him good night for you.

Rachel then kissed Timmy on the cheek.

Timmy: K, good night. Love you mom….

Rachel: Love you to, good night…

Timmy made his way back to his small tent and crawled into his sleeping bag. After laying there for an hour or so tossing and turning Timmy sat up and began thinking what to do with his boredom. Suddenly needing to use the restroom Timmy left his tent and made his way to a tree to pee. While relieving himself Timmy saw light shinning from the temple’s doorway at the peak of its stairway.

Timmy: What’s that?

Timmy rushed himself and pulled his pants back up, seeing the lights not going away Timmy started sprinting up the temple steps. Coming up to the doorway Timmy came to a slow walk, not being sure of there was danger ahead. Walking in the doorway Timmy was amazed at what he saw, the once stone walls where now silver steel. The markings and other carvings on the wall now emanated bright lights along with the walls the tables changed becoming gold with black lining. The only thing that remained the same was the missing path to the next level and the rope Timmy’s father put in place. Timmy climbed down the rope to see the next level had transformed just as the top level did. Walking through the right opening into the room with a high roof Timmy saw a stairway he’d never seen before.

Timmy: Huh….I don’t remember that being there…

Timmy walked over to the new stairway and thought to himself if he should go down or go and get his father. Timmy grabbed a rock near his and tossed it down the stairway, listening for it to hit the ground to try and determine how far down the stairways went. Dang!!! Ding!!! Ding!!! It stopped.

Timmy: Okay either this stairway’s really short or the rock got stuck on a step.

Going with it was short Timmy began walking down the stairway and as he thought it was just short.

Timmy: What’s this room…There’s nothing in it…

Timmy looked around the room examining the room making sure there was nothing of interest but the one hole in the wall.

Timmy: So just this hole huh…Wonder what’s in it?

Timmy walked over to the hole and looked inside, but there was nothing in it, just going so deep then ending. Timmy stared for a few moments in confusion.

Timmy: Nothing about this temple makes any sense.

The hole began to light up and within seconds a beam of light shot out of the hole. Timmy fell back in fear dodging the beam, landing on his back he looked up.

Timmy: Where’s that alter come from!?!?!

Timmy yelled out jumping back on his feet. The beam hit a diamond atop the alter and began shining brightly. Timmy tried to stare but the light was too bright, seconds later the light dimmed out so Timmy could look up.

Timmy: Wooow…what’s that…?

Timmy saw the outlining of a sword, walking over to it the light completely diminished revealing the sword itself. Timmy slowly reach to grab the blade, before he could a voice spoke out stopping him.

Oran: Hold young one!!!

Timmy flinched yanking his hand back.

Timmy: Who’s there!!!

Oran: I am Oran, overseer of this blade are you Timothy son of Rachel and Ralph?

Timmy: Yea but my names Timmy how do you know about me? Better yet where are you?

Oran: I am the blade, yet I am not. I know of you cause, I’ve been waiting for you.

Timmy leaned his head sideways in massive confusion.

Timmy: What are you talking about?

Oran: You have been given a choice to have a great future all you must do is grab the blade before you……or not.

Timmy: What kind of future are you talking about?

Oran: You shall see if you wish to wield the blade.

Timmy: What’s happens if I don’t want to wield it?

Oran: Then I shall wait for another. Though I hold little faith there is another with the ability to handle the blades knowledge.

Timmy sat down leaned against a wall.

Timmy: This is weird….

Oran: May I ask what you speak of?

Timmy: I don’t know about all this…

Oran: Why do you hold such concern?

Timmy: Look at this from my point of view, this voice I’m here from nowhere is telling me I’ll have this great future if I grab this sword….sounds like a corny action movie.

Oran: I speak the truth young one, you may walk away if you so wish.

Timmy leaped back onto his feet and yelled.

Timmy: No!!! I want to wield it.

Timmy walk over to the sword and slowly went to grab, with a flinch he yanked his hand back again.

Timmy: Wait wait wait……what’s going to happen when I grab his sword of yours?

Oran: You will be filled with the knowledge of old.

Timmy: And is this going to hurt?

Oran: Grab the blade and find out.

Timmy thinking, screw it, he just went for it grabbing the sword as quickly as he could. In that moment Timmy felt as if he entered his own mind. The minutes that passed felt like hours to Timmy, coming back to reality Timmy looked around the room with a clarity he never had before.

Timmy: Wuuuhh…I can understand the markings on the wall.

Oran: Of course, it’s part of the language of old.

Timmy: You keep saying “of old”. What do you mean?

Oran: Many years ago too many for even me to know of the events of that time. The great scientist and great sorcerers of this land use to stand together.

Timmy: Sorcerers…?

Timmy didn’t know what Oran what speaking of but the word sounded familiar. Timmy thought hard to try and figure out what Oran was talking about. Suddenly Timmy got a vision of a man wielding lightning.

Timmy: So that’s what a sorcerer is….They can summon mystical powers.

Timmy shook his head not understanding how he suddenly knew that.

Timmy: How’d I know that….is this the knowledge you were talking about?

Oran: Yes and in time you will learn more.

Timmy wanted to get back before his parents wake up, know that if they knew he wasn’t in his tent they’d come looking for him. So he began running his way out of the temple.

Oran: Where do we go?

Timmy: Hey you might have the awesome future for but I am still just a kid with parents.

Timmy made his way from chamber to chamber, finally making it out the temple’s entrance and started down the stairs. Half way down Timmy tripped tumbling down the steps, landing on his back at the bottom the blade Timmy held plunged into his stomach. Timmy grabbed the blade looking at it with his eyes widened, in shock Timmy fell unconscious. A dozen or so yards away Ouka’s ears twitched hearing Timmy hit the ground. Lying by Cherish, Ouka stood up and nudged Cherishes face to wake her up. Cherish half asleep softly pushed Ouka away.

Cherish: What do you want….?

Ouka: Cherish wake up I heard something.

Ouka said nudging her face again Cherish finally leaned up and rubbed her eyes.

Cherish: It’s probably just those people with that kid…

Ouka leaned her head up smelling the air she then cocked her head back down glaring some teeth in displeasure.

Ouka: No…I smell blood….

Cherish shook her head trying to wake herself up faster.

Cherish: Is it close?

Ouka: Closer then I’d like….we have to go.

Cherish: What about that family? We can’t just leave them if something IS wrong.

Ouka: I’m not going to let you put yourself in danger.

Cherish: You know I’m not going to leave in till I at least check.

There was a pause of silence as the two stared at one another.

Ouka: Fine…

Ouka began following the scent after a few steps she looked back at cherish.

Ouka: Okay I got the scent let’s go.

Cherish stood up and followed Ouka as she led the way, they made their way around the side of the temple and sat behind some bushes.

Ouka: We’re close and I don’t hear anything…..that’s odd.

They slowly crept still following the blood scent. After a few paces Cherish saw Timmy laying there with the sword plunged in his stomach.

Cherish: OH NOOO!!!!!

Cherish sprinted over to Timmy, Ouka close behind her.

Ouka: Is her okay?

Ouka said as they arrived at Timmy, Cherish then kneeled beside Timmy.

Cherish: Yea…I still sense a little life in him.

Cherish pulled the sword out of his stomach, blood lightly squirted out. Cherish put her hand hovering just above Timmy’s wound and closed her eyes. A sphere of white light covered the wound as it did the blood began to disappear and the wound slowly closed.

Cherish: There he’ll live….he’s lucky we were here.

Ouka: Yea.

Ouka said examining the sword.

Ouuka: Hey isn’t that the sword we just saw from in the temple.

Cherish stood up and stared down at Timmy.

Cherish: Looks like he’s one of them. Come on we can’t leave him here.

Hours later Timmy jumped out of his sleep grabbing at his stomach.

Timmy: I’m okay…

Timmy said with a sigh of relief, looking around he saw he was in his tent.

Timmy: It couldn’t have been a dream…

Timmy looked on the floor beside his and saw the sword he grabbed the sword and stared at it for a moment.

Timmy: If my stomach is okay but the sword is real……how much of it was real?

Miles away standing atop a ridge Cherish picked Ouka up and stared at the temple that was in the distance.

Ouka: Sure we shouldn’t bring him with us?

Cherish: Even though his choices will help save or destroy this world, I think he should still grow up normally.



Vol. 2 End


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events locales, or persons, living or dead, is a coincidental.


Created by: Raymond Gracia

Published by: Yin and Yang produstions

© Copyright 2017 Yin and Yang Productions. All rights reserved.


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