The Authority of Christ

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The restoration of all things (Matthew 17:11).

Submitted: August 21, 2013

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Submitted: August 21, 2013




"SON OF THE ETERNAL I AM (YHWH-Exodus 3:13-15)"




Before Christ ascended into heaven (Acts 1:9-11) to sit at The Father's Right Hand He informed His disciples that all (the whole number: totality of) authority (the right and power to command, enforce laws, exact obedience, determine, or judge) in heaven and on earth had been given to Him (Matthew 28:18). This simply means that every single living thing in existence, except The Father Himself, in heaven and on this earth that has ever lived from that point forward is officially bound and obligated to live by every word that proceeds out of His Mouth (Matthew 4:4) and His Mouth alone.

That authority was not given to, nor is it shared with America, China, Russia, Israel, England, Saudi Arabia or any other incompetent nation or individual on this planet. Consequently, this convicts every nation and individual on this planet that does not recognize and submits to Christ's Authority as being deceived, and functioning under the demonic spirit of rebellion (opposition to One in authority). This is the mark of the beast that the ant-christ will enforce upon the one true congregation of Christ in the very near future. That information will be shared with you later upon request.

That authority was not given to, nor is it shared with, any of the world's over 10,000 worthless religions. Not Christianity and not Islam. These are only demonic spin-offs of the one true faith that was once delivered to the saints of the Most High by Christ Himself. In fact any church or congregation that preaches, feels or concedes that a person has the right to worship The Creator of heaven and earth as they see fit are only frauds and liars that should not be revered, embraced or even associated with. Deceived and deceiving countless souls into embracing the demonic state of rebellion. The mark of the beast. Scripture is not involved in the democratic process people, nor is it sympathetic to our human weaknesses. Scripture points out that there is only one acceptable way to believe and worship (Ephesians 4:3-6) The Creator of heaven and earth that will afford you citizenship into the kingdom of heaven. No one has , nor ever will enter that Kingdom while in rebellion to that process that was placed under Christ's Authority. Not me, and not you!

That authority was not given to, nor is it shared with democracy, communism, socialism, capitalism,racism, women's lib, male chauvinists, civil rights movements, the patriot, the soldier or the terrorist so they could help Christ The King of Kings govern this planet or even one single inch of it. This is a lie from hell that so many have foolishly embraced for thousands of years. Everything falls under His Sovereign Jurisdiction alone. Therefore whatever Christ commanded His true disciples to teach all nations is sovereign law. Not the constitution of America or anything else-period!

Ironically humankind has sought to rationalize these spiritual matters with his puny carnal mind that has been further corrupted by idealism and schools of higher learning called colleges and seminaries. The end result is what we see every single day; confusion, lies, blasphemy, war, voting, falsehood, capitalism, hatred and rebellion. Countless religions demonically infused with secularism,christmas, luxurious living, birthdays, holidays and many other foolish rituals. Unaware that they, and their children, are all on a collision course with death and destruction on a scale unlike anything the world has ever known. In fact, if these quickly approaching days are not shortened by supernatural intervention from heaven-not a single person would remain alive on this planet (Matthew 24:22) by its conclusion.

Thankfully the Light of the Truth is just over the horizon sent to you in the spirit and authority of Yliyh (Elijah) the prophet (Matthew 17:11) to restore all things just before Christ's Second Coming. To raise up a congregation of believers that will cry out in the birth pains of end time prophecy (Matthew 24:4-8, Revelation 12:1-2,5) ushering in His second coming just before the greatest time of destruction ever (Matthew 24:9-14)!

Folks it does not matter how sincere you might be. If you, your family and children are living contrary to the teachings of Christ you are deceived, you are lost, in rebellion and not saved! To see, or to enter the kingdom of heaven you must be born again (John 3:3,5-8). A process that has not been correctly taught since the congregational era of Sardis died out hundreds of years ago. Until now.

The only question that remains is, where will you and your family be placed once you stand before Christ on judgment day? On His Left or on His Right? (Matthew 25:32-46)


Scripturally Yours,

Messenger R.L. Traylor



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