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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Connor needs his inhaler but he insists it ok.




It was a hot Tuesday morning. And when I say hot, it was 104 outside. The high school gym teacher thought it was the "Perfect day!!" To take the boys out for their mile run. 


Everyone was in their gym uniforms and Tennis shoes, though Connor Murphy didn't look real happy about it. He had also been forced to put his long hair back so all the others boys talked more than usual. 


The gym teacher had everyone line up and six boys went at once to space everyone out. They started on his whistle. 


!!" it went off and the first six sprinted out onto the track line. 


Connor was in the forth row to run while his boyfriend Evan Hansen was in seventh- the last row. 


!!" the whistle blew again and the second row went. 


Evan suddenly remembered how dangerous this was for Connor. Connor's asthma could kick in and Evan might not be able to get to him in time. He jogged up to Connor in a panic, trying to get him to tell the coach. 


"You could get really hurt out there! You haven't drank much water today! Please go tell-"


"Hey, hey," Connor purred to him, trying to get him to calm down. "It'll be okay. I'll be fine. I haven't had an attack in years."


!!" the whistle yelled again. Connors line was up next. He stepped forward to the line. 


"I promise." He told the worried Evan. "It'll be okay." He gave a smile of reassurance. 



The whistle shouted and Connor's row took off for the mile run. And Connor was in the lead! He was a pretty fast runner and it looked almost natural for his legs to move to way they did. 


Connor was doing well from what he felt. No one was ahead aside from the earlier rows. His heart beat was quick but he hoped it was from running. His breathing was slow as first but jumped from quick to quicker. 


His face was red and his hair was falling from the holder it was put in. His lungs heaved and puffed, trying to stay up with his body. 


He could see the final stretch, the line of return before the finish. But all at once, the outer rims of Connor's sight went dark, he had tunneled vision. Nothing was clear and he could feel his lungs failing him. 


He slowed immediately coughing and sputtering, trying to get enough air. The other runners past, to busy on the task. Connor fell, kneeling on the track, looking down. His heart was beating and crying for the calm to return. 


He could hear Evan yelling. What was it about? 


"Connor!" He heard but it was like it was under water. Far away in a dark tunnel. 


He felt someone grab his arm and pull it around something. He was picked up to his feet, supported by this person he couldn't see. 


"Come on, Murphy. You think you can get out of running?" The boy joked. It was a kid in their class. Rich, he believed. 


Rich had stopped his run to pick Connor up. 


"We finish together. You're not getting out of this."


Connor slowly swung out his leg, and Rich moved forward. Together they managed a quick jog to the finish. 


People were yelling: Evan was in a panic, the coach insisted he had it under control and that Evan needed to run too, plenty of boys complained that they didn't get help to run and they were doing worse then Connor.


But Connor didn't know who was who everything was a mess. Dark and small. Rich finally pulled him across the finish line and he picked him up, taking him over to the bleachers. 


Evan was right behind him. 


Rich set him down and called to him, trying to keep him awake, but Connor was to focused on his burning lungs to hear. 


Evan reached into his gym bag and dug around quickly. He yanked the inhaler from his bag and fumbled with the cap. It popped off. 


Evan shoved the small device into Connor's mouth and pressed, hoping that it could help him. 


After a second press, Connor could hear the shouts and yells of his peers and the coach. Rich and Evan sat over top of him, trying to help him regain consciousness. 


He shot up, pulling the inhaler from his mouth and coughing hard. He panted heavily, his eyes watering. He blinked it away and tried to focus on what his mom had taught him. 


Breath in, wait, breath out, wait. Breath in, wait, breath out, wait. 


Evan rubbed Connor's back in steady circles to comfort him. Rich watched, careful not to interrupt but not dumb enough to just walk away. 


He picked up Connor's water bottle and offered it to him. Connor took it gratefully and took a drink to soothe his dry throat. 


After about two more minutes, he had managed to calm down. But only with Evan there. 


He thanked Rich breathlessly as he left to talk to the coach- something he had never done to anyone before- and mindlessly put the cap back in the inhaler. 


Slowly, Connor looked down at it. Where had it come from? /He/ didn't have it. But.. 


"Evan?" He asked, looked over at him. "Did you have this?" 


Evan nodded. "Yeah." He almost smiled. "I always have it.. you know.. just in case."


Connor turned red again, but this time it wasn't from the heat. He was blushing!


He got a bit flustered, tucking the loose hairs behind his ear. 


"Thanks." He smiled shyly. "That was a great help." 


Evan smiled and hugged him. "I want what's best for you."


Connor felt very comforted with the knowledge that Evan kept an emergency inhaler. He hadn't had an asthma attack since he was 12.


He smiled softly and hugged Evan tightly. "Thank you, Evan." He bid quietly. 


"Anything for you." Evan said back, hugging him just as tightly. "I love you."

Submitted: June 21, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Yoake._.yoake. All rights reserved.

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