Unsolved Mystery

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It is bitter unsolved reality.

Submitted: April 18, 2016

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Submitted: April 18, 2016



The Dead End

Life is mysterious. Human evolution has taken billions of years. Many mysteries are solved, many are on process and much are still unknown. There are many thing incredible that joins our past, present and future. Still much facts are scientifically unknown, unproven and un revealed. For instance, the evil spirits, the power of god , the incarnation, so on and so forth.
Literally many of these things play quite significant roles in our life. Rather same peculiar concepts and beliefs are putting mask, so me with many people are in dilemma about the truth. I still remember my Grandpa, who passed his many ages in remote areas. His awful and sensible narration still knock my head and make me think about it. No doubt, living in modern age, I have very less time for these so called stupid myths and fables. But my mind dont wanna let any breads left waste. Many people still insist on evils. According to my grandma she is squashed often by those negative powers, Are they really exist? or they are fake illusion?
The unusual, unfamiliar and unsuitable incidents that sense my ears are so uncommon that, it makes any science crazy to think and gauge about them. Many are supernatural, many were made for fun, which later turn into curiosity and cultures. "We used to have field in valley far from our place . In summer, to gaze crops, we used to stay there ,covering our self with hedges, It was about 2/3 of night when big object, as tall as bamboo was passing our way. We take cover and hide ourself", my grandpa told. This is a small instance, we can hear a lot of such chronicles in many ways, in many places and in many parts of planet.
Living in science doesnt mean that we must neglect these things. It will be stupidity to uncare past records. For being modern, it is not necessary to adapt technical and machinery livings. Change is necessary. For change transformation is compulsory. Have we ever tried to live our life?? I must say our generation lacks calmness, kindness and truthiness...
But believing in these  epics and getting over confident about their existence have turned situation much worse. God wont cure you, if you dont fight. Many illiterates are dying because they neglect science, and choose superstition.
In Hinduism, we have many rites, rituals and programs. Many are important, many carry meanings, but I must say not all. " One farmer was doing puja( a cultural program), and a cat was tied by rope. A man who was passing by same place saw, and was curious to know about that. He asked," Sir, why are you tying  cat?" Farmer replied,"Its our culture, My father, grandfather, relatives has been doing same. these is to make god happy" This unbelievable concept makes the stranger solve the puzzle. After long investigation, he concluded- Puja is done for making god and ancestors happy, so these activities should be done with great care and cleanliness. The religious materials shouldnt be impure by animals. So the forefather of farmer was careful and he didnt wanna poise the ceremony and he tied the cat which used to come occasionally and disturb them.  The ignorant son saw it.  In his time, there was cat or not , but he made him stare and search , caught it and tie it, then his son and his son and it gradually turned into culture.
I am not against my culture nor enemy of my norms. But i cant accept nonsense. Its the time for transformation without turning our originality and without breaking our identity. Our tradition and our past have so much secrets and libraries, which must be solved, studied and publicized.
TIME FOR AWARENESS, TIME FOR ACTIVENESS..........................................

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