Zoey and Rythians Dinosaur Story

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Rythian and Zoey are trying to save their Dinosaur Teep from Sjin of Sips_ Co. But they soon realize that they love each other

Submitted: June 15, 2013

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Submitted: June 15, 2013



One day in Z & R’s Base

*Rythian is working on some magic*


*Zoey busts in*


Zoey: Rythian! Rythian!


Rythian: Yes Zoey?


Zoey: Sjin kidnapped Teep! We have to save him!


Zoey: I guess we also have to save him and be... *Zoey puts on shades*


Zoey: Dino-mite...




Rythian: What the hell...?


Later in front of Sips Co....


Zoey: I got this Rythian, Hey Sjin!!!


*Rythian tackles Zoey*


*Sips Co. window opens*


Sips: Piss off Simon!


*Window closes*


Rythian: Zoey! If you don’t be careful Sjin may spot us and kill Teep


Zoey: Noooo!


Rythian: Okay, Then listen to me...


Zoey: Okay...


Rythian: Now a way in...-


Zoey: Rythian!!! I found a way in through the vents!


Rythian: You're a genius Zoey!


A few minutes later...


*Crawl crawl*


Zoey: This kinda reminds of those spy movies...


Rythian: Shu! We don’t want to be spotted or heard by them.


*Rythian falls through open panel*

*Zoey grabs Rythian’s hand*


Rythian: Thanks Zoey.


*Rythian looks down and sees Sjin and Sips*


Sips: Sjin, Do you feel a draft?


Sjin: Nope...


*Sips looks up*


*Rythian is nowhere to be seen*


Rythian: Thanks Zoey...

Zoey: SHUUU!!!!


Rythian: -.-


*Zoey hears dinosaur noises*


Zoey: Teep!


*Zoey jumps down through a panel*


Rythian: Zoey wait!


*Rythian follows her*


*Zoey lands on her feet*

*Teep claps*


*Rythian lands on his face*


*Teep laughs*


*Rythian stands up*


Zoey: I’m getting you out of here Teep!


Rythian: Zoey no!!!


*trap sets*


*Rythian tackles Zoey again*


*Cage hits the ground*


Rythian: Watch out Zoey or you will get tr-


Sjin: You guys are trapped.


*Rythian looks over and sees Sjin has a rail gun *


Rythian: Aw cmon!


Sjin: Any last words before you die?


Rythian: Uhm, Yeah. Can me and Zoey have some privacy?


Sjin: Oh! Sorry.


Rythian: I have two things to tell you Zoey.


Zoey: ?


Rythian: One: My name isn't Rythian. It’s Joakim.


Zoey: Hehehe. Joakim...


Rythian: and Two: I... Uhm, I’ve... Uh... I have...


Zoey: No need to say it... I already know...


*Zoey leans in and kisses Rythian*


Sjin and Sips: Awww...


*Teep sheds a tear*


*Zoey stops kissing Rythian and stands in her before position*


Rythian: Well... Okay, Sjin. Were ready


*Sjin aims the rail gun*




*Everything is dark*


*Zoey and Rythian wake up in a field*


Rythian: We aren't dead!


Zoey: Hey a note!


*Rythian picks it up*


Dear Rythian and Zoey,

Because of you're “moment” in Sips Co. I decided to let you go because... people like you need to live and enjoy their life...




Rythian: Well, My life has changed in a way... I’m going to take a nap...


Zoey: Rythian!


*Rythian turns around*


Zoey: Thanks...


*Zoey winks at Rythian*


*Rythian’s face turns red*


*he turns around*


Rythian: Cmon...


All 3 of them: Rythian, Zoey and Teep walk into the sunset.

The End....










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