Sharing my story.

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I have no one else to talk too, my counsellor says i should share my story. & she gave this webiste. SO here goes nothing .

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



I've never done this before, this would be my first and hopefully last time if my counsellor thinks its good.

She asked my to share a story well not a story, something that happened to me in 2010 .

My name is Kasey Jullette Klinger . Im from Australia, born and raised . Well, i had a lovely mother named Jennifer Klinger an older brother named Matt and a beautiful baby sister Kerianne . I loved my family, my Father Josh, he was sent to prison in 2008 . He raped my friend and killed her and the dumped her body in our walk way we created . I havent heard from him since, i always hated him . I have never loved him , he didnt ever hurt me . But i could tell her wanted too . When i found out what he did , i wanted to stab him . My best friend, my gorgeous friend was gone because of that monster . The court hadnt made a date to how long he serves , but it honestly wasnt long . In 2009, we were blessed with my baby sister Kerianne . By the end of that year we had moved into a bigger house . My Grandma (Dads Mother) never liked my Mum. So when my Dad got out , she told him where we had moved too . All i remember is being down stairs while my brother was in his room upstairs , watching my Mum feed my little sister and watching tv , my cellphone rung so i ran up into my room and talked to my boyfriend who is still with me whilst writing this Jay . All i remember was hearing my sister laugh and my mum say "Keri your a total blessing" . Then the smell of smoke hit me . I looked out my window and saw a black figure running away . It was him . I yelled out "MATT DADS BEEN HERE" . I then heard my mum and sister scream , they were burning . Matt came rushing to my room , and he told me to jump out of my window , all i heard was this from my mum "Jump, Go, Run" . I jumped and so did Matt , i broke my leg . We had to sit there and watch my sister and mum burn . The neighbours all came out and hugged us , i got up and yelled " Im going to kill him , he did this ." Matt said "We willl Kasey, we will" .


At their memorial , my Father showed up . He got angry because we didnt talk to him , he was annoyed because Kerianne wasnt his and he wanted to know who got my Mother pregnant . A lot of people lined up to tell us how sorry they were and if we need anything they were always there. I told them "I need my mom, i need my sister". They were crying as well . Matt and I drove away in his car for the week .


When we got back things had changed . We visited the house that burnt down . It was freaky, but i felt my mum with us . My aunty and uncle could see we were only 2 teenagers who just lost everything and needed a place to stay , they ended up buying a house for us and furniture and everything . It was all good. I went to a new school and he started working . We were all fine until one day i came home from school early and my brother wasnt home from work and i realised he was working late . I saw another car though, it was black and had white rims, i didnt notice it. I walked out the back of the house and saw him standing out there . It was him , my father.

Me: "What are you doing here"  Dad: "I just want to say hi to my daughter". Me: "Hi, now you can go". Dad: "Oh dont be like that make your old man a tea" Me: "Okay, but your going straight after".

I talked to him, but i went to far and asked him why he killed my friend he snapped and slapped me, i cried and ran. He ran after me and grabbed me, just then i knew what he was going to do. He did it . He raped me . When it was over , he slapped me and said this is the last time your going to hear of me , and it was . He left to America and got married and had kids to a slut . When my brother got home he hugged me and said everything will be okay, this house is ours, i paid it off and there is only us . All we need to do is make a promise , that we own this house and we will protect eachother . I promised it .


At school everyone had heard what happened, they all felt sorry for me. & suprisingly Jay (BF) moved to my school, he protected me like my brother and he met my brother and he moved in that is in 2011 . Alot of things happened, good things. My principal got me into counselling and im not like other kids who lose parents and harm themselves. I go to church. Okay i smoke , but i gave up. Not once have i touched alcohol or anything else. If i did hurt myself , where would my brother be.


I hope you all read this and just heard where im coming from, my counsellor should be proud. So should my brother, we are doing very well to this day. Were hoping of moving to Brisbane, but here is good. I would love to thank God, My brother and Natalie my counsellor for helping a regular 15 year move ahead in life. <3

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