The Tortoise and the Hare -Human-

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English assignment to make any story with a moral different from the original. I took a classical Aesop's Fable and turned everyone to humans.

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013




On a bright sunny day, Jasper, a young boy in white with a huge ego, was boasting that he could beat anyone in a race. His friends and strangers crowded about him. Xavier saw the crowd, and found his way to the center. He found out why there was a crowd.


“Jasper, don’t be so arrogant,” Xavier told him.


“Oh it’s you again. Really? You’re slow, humble, loser,” Jasper spat back.


The crowd oohed at them. A random spectator suggested that they race to see who the better racer was. Another stranger made the course for them to race each other, which was about ten miles long. Jasper and Xavier planned to meet at the beginning of the course the next day at ten in the morning.


Of course, Jasper was there first. He fell asleep against a tree waiting for his rival. The crowd from the day before appeared with Xavier in front. Jasper didn’t notice, and Xavier kicked his foot, waking him up.


“First one over wins. Nothing else,” Xavier said.


That infuriated Jasper and he kicked a rock, which bounced off a tree. Someone shot a gun and the race was off. Jasper sprinted far ahead of Xavier. Xavier stayed behind, jogging steadily, his hair bouncing. Jasper was the white and brown clothed blur on the course for about a few miles before stopping for a quick look. Xavier was still behind.


“That kid will never win. He’s too soft to win,” he badmouthed Xavier.


Xavier was too far away to hear it, but he wouldn’t care. He jogged on steadily, nearing the two mile mark, when Jasper took a break halfway. Jasper sat down, and took a nap, but woke up shortly and sprinted again. Xavier was near halfway when Jasper shot down the course again, shaking his head to himself. As usual, Xavier was still behind, but on purpose. He was taking it easy.


About a mile away from the end, Jasper because exhausted, and decided to take a longer nap. Xavier saw him lean against the tree and he thought to himself, “stupid, arrogant, this is what happens when you act this way.” He simply jogged on steadily. Jasper suddenly heard an uproar as Xavier neared the finish line, and he got up hastily and sprinted as fast as he could. He gained speed as he ran, and Xavier stayed steady. And then, Xavier crossed the finish line, with Jasper on his tail.


“B-but, he was slow! I ran the whole ten miles! Xavier shouldn’t have won! I should have!” Jasper blew up at everyone.


“Umm… Jasper. It’s your attitude that made you lose. You ran so fast, you blew off your energy too quickly, and that made you take some naps, and lose. Face it, it’s your attitude that makes you lose,” Xavier lectured Jasper.


Jasper just spat at him and went away, leaving Xavier to his victory.

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