Zodiacal Mythology

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Another English assignment, in ninth grade. The assignment was to make up a mythology on how the world came to be with one or more God or Goddess. I decided to take an obsession and write about it, which is the astrological Zodiac.

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013




The world today started as a fresh universe. Trillions of stars in existence, but there was absolutely no life. For millenniums, the universe remained silent, unmoving, and lifeless. A strange force suddenly pushed millions of stars into a single mass. The bright mass became the creator of the universe although the stars themselves created him. This creation became known as Arri, the newborn giant god. For the next several years, he wandered the galaxies.

Soon, Arri became lonely. He remembered how he was created, so he tried the same process to create another god. He grabbed a handful of stars in each hand, and clapped them together. A tiny god grew from his hands. Since he was made from stars, he would be considered Arri’s brother. Arri named his little brother Taurn. Taurn grew rapidly, and became Arri’s size. Arri felt that one brother wasn’t enough, so he decided to create more. He repeated this process of smashing the stars together several times. He created his siblings* in this order; Geni, Cacir, Leoh, the twins Vira and Lira, Scopio, Agitar, Caprifo, Aquira, and Pises. After the creation of Pises, he was satisfied. Arri then gave them a role. Arri, the Lord of Gods, he gave to his siblings an important role.

Taurn became the God of Life, and Geni became the Goddess of Light and Duality. Arri made sure to make the roles as equal as possible, but it was difficult, he’d already given Taurn a more godly role than Geni. He let it go, and was more careful. Cacir became the Goddess of Earth. Leoh pleaded to be the God of the Hunt, and Arri agreed. The twins, Vira and Lira wanted the same roles, but they couldn’t. Arri had a tough decision, but in the end, Vira became the Goddess of Chastity and Lira became the Goddess of the Scale. Arri let Scopio be the God of Death, which seemed fitting to his personality. Agitar wanted to be the God of Metal and Weaponry, and Arri figured it made sense, he looked like the kind of God who would be in charge of that. Aquira had the most obvious one, she was the Goddess of the Sea. Lastly, Pises got the last choice, but she was fine with it. She became the Goddess of Music and Season. Everyone was satisfied.

Aquira made a world of water. Cacir saw the ball of water and insisted she could add some land to it. Aquira agreed, and together, they made Earth. Taurn created millions of creatures to inhabit the newly created planet. One of the creatures was the human. Geni then took over the creation of Earth. She gave the planet a star, which is now the Sun. While creating the Sun, she accidentally let out some of her magic. Because of Geni, some people have dual personalities or twins. Leoh became a miniature lion god and visited Earth because he saw the humans dying. What Leoh did changed the humans again.

He taught the humans to hunt animals so they could survive. He also taught them several other skills that he thought might be useful. Leoh taught to them competiveness, strength, and ferocity. Arri saw Leoh teaching them, and soon, he had thoughts it could end badly, so he ordered Leoh to leave. Agitar came and visited, and gave them quick lessons how to make weapons and left before Arri noticed. Pises was the last to come down to Earth. She sang songs and played songs to the humans and they learned to entertain themselves quickly. Then there were no more visits to Earth.

Over time, the gods and goddesses created the worlds. There were so many worlds they had created that a few accidents happened while working together. Many of them involved Taurn’s ability to create entirely new creatures. Mostly, it was Taurn’s clumsiness that caused the accidents. The first accident occurred when creating the first few species of today’s ancestors. Taurn accidentally shot Arri with his ability to create creatures, and Arri became a ram god. Then Taurn himself became a bull. After a series of clumsy accidents, Cacir became a crab, Leoh became a lion, Scopio became a scorpion, Agitar became a mutant, a centaur rather than an ordinary horse, Caprifo became a goat, and finally, Pises somehow became two fish. Pises’s mutation is only a miracle she survived, she became two fish who constantly were in some sort of a trance, as if they were chasing each other’s tails. After Pises’s mutation, Arri made Taurn more careful, with his magic. There were no more accidents.

The Solar System today was made after the accidents. First, Leoh took over the Sun, because Geni had left it. The Sun was too hot to physically live there, so Leoh spent the rest of his day in orbit around it. She and Vira created Mercury together and lived there. Then Lira and Taurn shared their next creation, Venus. Earth was left alone to the creatures that inhabit it. Cacir made a moon for Earth and lived there. Arri took his turn, and created a giant red ball to live on. He named it Mars. Agitar then stepped in, and made the largest planet he could possibly make, yet it’s still smaller then Geni’s enormous Sun. Agitar named his planet Jupiter. Caprifo wanted something unique, so he gave his planet a huge size and dazzling rings, and called it Saturn. Aquira simply created a blue planet and named it Uranus. Pises liked the idea, and made a smaller blue planet named Neptune. Finally, Scopio fled to the outskirts of the Solar System and gave himself a dwarf-planet called Pluto. There were several moons made for other planets, but none of the gods or goddesses wanted them. They were left alone.

Eventually, the gods and goddesses went along with their daily lives. They simply lived on their planets, watching over the creatures on Earth. Then one day, Arri got tired of living. He felt that everything was done. He told his five brothers and six sisters about it, and they were feeling the same. To keep the universe going, they would give up their bodies to the stars, and the magical abilities they had would be dispersed all over Earth. That explains why some people are stronger than others, or more completive. So their magic went down to Earth and the other planets to keep them alive, and the remains became the twelve Zodiacal constellations in the sky. It took several years to get them settled in their afterlife, when they will be gliding across the sky, not shifting positions, or breathing.

The twelve Zodiacs received new names as constellations. Arri, being the first god and the Lord of Gods was renamed Aries after leaving his life. The siblings all died in the same order they were born. Taurn was renamed Taurus, Geni renamed Gemini, and Cacir was renamed Cancer. Leoh couldn’t have a real dramatic change, so he simply dropped a letter and was renamed Leo. Then the twins Vira and Lira were renamed Virgo and Libra. Scopio didn’t want a change, but Arri told him beforehand that Scopio had to obey, so he simply became Scorpio. Agitar renamed himself with a complicated name, Sagittarius. Caprifo was renamed Capricorn. The last two were renamed Aquarius and Pisces. After Pisces died, all twelve Zodiacs took years to settle in their new positions in the night sky. Today, people recognize the 12 gods as the astrological Zodiacs.

*The names have unusual pronunciations.

Arri - Ah-ree - Aries

Taurn - Tawrn - Taurus

Geni - Jen-ee - Gemini

Cacir - Ka-seer - Cancer

Leoh - Lee-oh - Leo

Vira - Vee-ra - Virgo

Lira - Lee-ra - Libra

Scopio - Scop-ee-oh - Scorpio

Agitar - Ah-gee-tar - Sagittarius

Caprifo - Cap-ree-foh - Capricorn

Aquira - Ah-kwee-rah - Aquarius

Pises - Peh-sehs - Pisces

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