A Lost Love Story

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Another short story without and ending.
A tale of love thought to be forever lost in the year 2246 after the end of a great war that nearly destroyed humanity. We follow the tales of Ayla Noel and her love Arashi Takasu(name(s) subjected to change) as they both search for each other from their own ends of the world.

Submitted: April 10, 2014

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Submitted: April 10, 2014



  Chapter 1

  A world that once was

“I love you… The words I hardly got to speak to him that day.” the female wrote as he brushed her reddish brown hair from her face as the blue jewel necklace around her neck glimmered elegantly in the light of the rising sun, she reminisced on the past that once was her life. Recalling a better time on her life during one of the worst possible era’s in human history. It’s been only six years after the end of the war meant to eradicate the humans way of life. The female looked up out the window as she took a deep breath before exhaling. “It’s been so many years that have passed during that ten year long war, and even when it’s over we are still apart.” she said as she_ looked down at the pile of paper that were to be a story of her life and the love she had lost.

“In only six short years the world nearly recovered to it’s former glory. Who would have thought.” Spoke the male in a somber tone as he looked out across the city that evening. “ And yet I still can’t find you, Alya..” As the rays of the setting sun began to fade and the city sprung to life, he walked off as he only spoke two words “In time”. At that moment in time as if by pure coincidence it seemed as though their thoughts had come together as one as they simultaneously thought to themselves “This love story will come to it’s true ending”.

In my earlier years nothing was ever too special when it came down to me. I was just your run of the mill girl. My name is Alya, and life back then was far simpler time. Due to my fathers job my family was always on the move, and being alone became second nature. Yet society always knew how to tighten it's grip on me even when I was hidden from the judgment cast from its eyes. Each new place had it's own kindness but then quickly revealed the dagger drenched in pain and sorrow that was already at my throat. Despite even this, I was able to make a few great friends, and even find my first love. The company my father worked for promoted him to CEO of the European division. Meaning it was off to another new place to be judged. "I never noticed how much of a depressing girl I was" the female said as she chuckled softly, as she looked back on her work, while the fragrance of spring was carried through the open window in the arms of the wind.

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