The Saga

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(I'm using this short story to get out my general idea's and see how people enjoy the path I'm going down with this idea I developed over the last 8 years of my life. Contains general ideas, back story concept,some of the kingdoms and some characters Note: not good at writing stories like this x..x Mystries are my best)
This short story is just the start of why I hope to turn into an animated series rather then a novel of sorts. This is just a small glimpse into the start of the story, or rather a glimpse into the saga. A Univerese where advanced technology and myth rules and the heavens are a very real place.

Submitted: August 17, 2013

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Submitted: August 17, 2013



Many years ago great creatures know as Ulerravians ruled the land of Elyon. These creatures pushed the Elyoniese races to the brink of extinction. Until, one day a hear of each race harnessed the powers of the land forging great weapons and calling forth the elements to fight back against the monsters that threatened them. The war between them raged on for many of years before at last the Ulerravians were pushed back by the hero's of Elyon. Following the end of the war a child was born, That child was Yonray, and with this our story begins.

 ".. And thus the war that was waged by the people of Elyon ended and the four kingdoms were founded. Yet only three of these kingdoms stayed true to the path they set out for.The powerful kingdom of Elaurien?, stood as the main military power of Elyon, while Azveria, Elvina and Aselia were it's supporting pillars." the sound a closing book was heard as the hand of a woman slid across the cover of it. Her slidner fingers burshed against the binding of the book as she placed it aside. "What happened after that mom?" asked a young boy who appered to be no older then seven years of age.
" Well you know that much." the childs mother stood up as she walked over to the book shelf placing the book back on it. Her demonic black tail gracfully swayed behind her as did so. "Yeah!" exclaimed the child happily continuing on "That's when Aselia strayed from the path of good and tried to overthrow Elaurien."
" Yes, and a few years after that I met your father." The female approached the child as she sat down beside him patting his head. Her tail layed across her lap as she looked down at the child. Her deep blood red eyes drawing attetion away from  her ram like horns. "And after that you were born Yonray."

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