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it was dark and terrifying, that cage. the events that happened there still haunt me to this day and it's time that you know what is awaiting you.

Submitted: October 10, 2015

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Submitted: October 10, 2015



We were all locked in that dark cage by ourselves. Five hundred people, no water, no food. A week went by from then, it was chaos. We ate the weak ones first, the sickly ones, the ones who couldn't defend themselves. You want to know the worst part about it ? I know what people taste like, I know that babies taste the best and I know that when I drove my teeth into their skin, I felt relieved because I knew that I would live one more day. One day, some men caught a woman hiding with her baby. A man with a knife stabbed the mother and took her baby from her hands. When he was about to take the first bite, an old man came to him and told him to give him the knife and the baby. Everybody thought that he would kill the baby himself, but what he did surprised everyone. The old man cut off his own arm and said "eat if you're hungry, but leave this baby alone". Everybody put down their weapons and began to eat the old man's arm off the floor, they were hungry and desperate. After that, a miracle happened, people started offering their own arms and legs to those who were hungry. The killing stopped, at the very least. Honestly, there's no point to me telling you this story now, it all happened so long ago that it seems like some kind of dream, but there's something you need to know. The baby the old man saved, that was you… and I was the man with the knife.

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