A Nari Rai X-Mas Special!

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What do the Nari Rai characters want for Christmas???

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



Yoshie:  Hey, there everyone!  I want to thank you all for reading my novel, first of all.  And secondly, welcome to the interview!  I'm going to be exclusively interviewnig the characters, and see what they look forward to getting for Christmas!

So, Rai-chan.

Rai:  What.

Yoshie:  What do you want for Christmas this year?

Rai:  What do you mean?  We don't even celebrate Christmas here.  O.o

Yoshie:  Well.  Then hypothetically, what do you want this year?

Rai:  To rescue my mother from the evil earth king Fujita.  And meet my father and brothers.

Yoshie:  That's nice.

Rai:  I also want you to die because you are the ultimate cause of Hiro-nii's death, Bastard.

Yoshie:  Okay, that's enough out of you, you little back-talker.  Back into your cage for the night!

Rai:  *grumbles and trudges away*

Yoshie:  You're up, Hiro-chan!

Hiroshi:  I'm...alive?  O.o....:D

Yoshie:  No, you're a ghost.  Sorry.

Hiroshi:  :(

Yoshie:  What would you like for Christmas?

Hiroshi:  I want to be back in the story.  It's boring just reading from the sidelines.

Yoshie:  No, sorry.  Maybe in the next book. :)

Hiroshi:  There's a second book?

Yoshie:  Yuppers. :)

Hiroshi:  Oh.  Cool.

Yoshie:  All right, we need to continue the interview.  See you later!

Hiroshi:  See you.  *fades away*

Yoshie:  Midori-chan!

Midori:  Coming!  Yes!

Yoshie:  What do you want--

Midori:  I want chocolate, a pony, a trophy, a lion, peanut butter, a rainbow, some shoes, candy, a pet baby, a chicken, a taco, a flower, some string, some yarn, a needle, a hippopotamus, a--

Yoshie:  Thank you, for sharing!  -o-;

Midori:  But I'm not--

Yoshie:  Thank you, NEXT!!

Makoto:  Hello, creator.

Yoshie:  Please, just Yoshie.  So, what do you want for Christmas?

Makoto:  Who? O.o

Yoshie:  Christmas.  It's a holiday.

Makoto:  Who's a holiday?  O.o

Yoshie:  ...

Inari:  I want...What are we talking about?

Yoshie:  Never mind, Inari-sama, but that was good try.  Next is...Fujita!

Fujita:  ....I want...for Christmas... O.O

Yoshie:  Darth Vader impression?

Fujita:  Yes....Anyway...I want...for Christmas...world...domination.... O.O

Yoshie:  ...Hope you have better luck with that than I did.  Next!

Rai:  Hiro-nii is coming back?!  :D

Yoshie:  I thought I told you to GET IN YOUR CAGE!!!! *smacks him with a newspaper into next chapter*  >:O

Kei:  All I want is to spend the day with my husband and kids.  ^o^

Yoshie:  Aw... :)

Eien:  Um...  >.>

Yoshie:  Well, what do you want, Eien-chan?

Eien:  Um...I--I don't really know... >.>

Yoshie:  Huh?  But there must be something you want.

Eien:  Um...Well, there is...No, never mind... *blush*

Yoshie:  No, tell us! :)

Eien:  I'd rather not...*blush harder* >.>

Yoshie:  ...It's Rai-chan, isn't it?!  XD You like him!

Eien:  N--No, no!  That's not true!  DX *blushes harder and shakes head frantically*

Yoshie:  You like him! XD

Eien:  No!  No, I don't!

Yoshie:  Rai-chan!  You future wife is--

Eien:  DON'T GIVE AWAY THE ENDING!!! *tackles Yoshie to floor, knocking over camera, breaking it*



Sincerely, Yoshie, Rai-chan, Hiroshi-chan, Midori-kun, Makoto and Inari-sama, and Eien-chan.

Insincerely, Fujita.

© Copyright 2018 Yoshie Akira. All rights reserved.

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