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A short story into the character of a young elf named Elwyn. For Craigy Boy's character contest (check it out!).

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011




Name:  Elwyn.

Gender:  Girl.

What:  Elf.

Age:  12 (human years); approximately 16 elf years.

Hair:  Silky white; bangs on left side; shoulder length; straight; pointed ears hidden.

Eye:  Violet.

Skin:  Pale; flawless.

Personality:  Mysterious; quiet; curious; appears randomly (often, when someone is lost she will appear and lead them out silently if they choose to follow).

Abilities:  Can open pupils larger to let in more light (like a cat’s pupil), the disadvantage is bright light (the pain!); higher range of hearing (approximately 1000 to 30,000 hertz); stealth (she can be so quiet that it seems she can simply disappear and reappear at any moment); is a weak fire-user (she can create sparks at her level, but that’s about it; may have an experience in which she moves up a level and obtains a more powerful usage of flames).

Clothes:  Barefoot; wears a long-sleeved, dark gray tunic (ends halfway to her knees, bare shoulders, sleeves hide her hands, kawaii-overload…); may have a hair clip/hair pin.


She was born into a world in which humans controlled everything.  The humans destroyed their homes and villages without a thought, without a care.  Many of them were wiped out completely, and they were forced into hiding to protect themselves.

She was different, Elwyn.  Instead of spending her days cautiously out in the woods gathering food for her people, she was near the edge of the forest, watching the humans pass by.  Her parents worried, afraid that she might be found one day and killed.  So they began to lock her into her room.

But she found a way out, and continued to spend her days watching the humans.

So her parents, concerned for their daughter’s safety, began to tie her to her bed.

But to no avail.  Elwyn still found an escape from her silent life in the small, hidden enclosure behind the waterfall.

So her parents plead to their leader to help.  The leader said to set her free, allow her to do as she wants.  Elwyn was intelligent enough not to lead the humans back to them.  So her parents regretfully obeyed him.

And Elwyn was happy.

Every day she went, and every night she stayed.  She watched the humans all day and all night, intrigued by all of their customs and language.  And every night, she ventured out just a little further, just a little more, for a better look.

It soon came to the night when she was standing before a boy.  He was much, much taller than she, and he didn’t notice her at first because she had stepped out silently.

The boy jerked in surprise at her, then relaxed with a little chuckle.  “What are you doing out here, little girl?” he asked with a friendly smile.  “Are you lost?”

But it all sounded like gibberish to her.  She returned his smile anyway; he seemed nice enough.

Then the boy seemed uncomfortable.  He glanced around, then looked back at Elwyn.  “Where are your parents?”

She continued to smile up at him, so incredibly happy that she was making contact with a human, of all things.  And this one didn’t seem to be bad at all.

The boy turned away from her and looked around some more.  There was no one else in sight.  “Hello?  Does anyone have a little girl?” he called loudly.  “Anyone?  Hello?”

He turned back to Elwyn.  “What’s your….?”

Elwyn had already snuck back to the forest.  The boy seemed surprised to her, he was confused.  He looked all round for her, then rubbed his eyes and seemed to forget about it.  Then he shuffled along in the direction he was going.

And Elwyn continued her days watching contently, and making contact by night.


1 Year Later……

Elwyn stalked silently up to the boy under the starry sky.  This is the person she would make contact with.

The boy turned.  And with surprise, “You?”

Elwyn smiled. 

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