Lead Me into Your Mind Fantasy Contest RESULTS!!

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The results to my contest are here! I want to offer my congratulations to everyone that entered!

Submitted: January 30, 2012

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Submitted: January 30, 2012



Ah, so it is finally here!! I hope that you are all as excited as I am, my friends...

As you all know, I have read your stories (and hopefully remembered to comment...), and carefully took in to consideration

all of the elements of that story, as well as tried to decipher some meaning from it.

Before I announce the winners, I want to thank EVERYONE for joining, for without you, there would have been no contest.

Unfortunately, even I have a different taste in entertainment etc., etc., but that does not mean that no one enjoys

your works of art. Look at Michaelangelo; his portrayal of the beings in his Sistine Chapel art was of

people with perfect portions; there was a lot of criticism, but others admired it!

Of course, I know that Michealangelo has nothing to do with any you, unless you're a child of prophecy that will surpass (or succeed) Michaelangelo's artistic...ness.

Anyways, I'm sure you all didn't come to read my blathering-ons.

So, without further ado....

First place::::::::Yume chan, with her novel Silent Kishi!

This is a very detailed, intriguing concept that is sure to captivate the mind (if the mind is into awesomeness). Great job, Yume chan! You will be featured on my bio for life, and I will read all of your work! I will also recommend you to 30 Booksie users.

Second place::::::::::Solo Girl with her short story The Girl with the Flaming Violin!

Short and sweet, but it makes you stop and think, and warms your heart at the thought of what beautifulness could be emanating from the story...Excellent, Solo Girl! I will read half of your published items, and you will be featured on my bio for two years! I will also recommend you to 20 Booksie users.

Third Place::::::::::hyperforce with(his?/her?) short story A Dream of Sexual Pleasure!

This one's erotica; I have to mention that, first of all. But this is a very good, detailed plot that would make a great series. It makes you want more of it. So great job, hyperforce! I will read two of your works (just name 'em!) and broadcast you for one year on my bio. I will also recommend you to 10 Booksie users!

Again, thanks to everyone who entered; you shall not be forgotten!

Yume chan (Silent Kishi)

hyperforce (A Dream of Sexual Pleasure)

Solo Girl (The Girl with the Flaming Violin)

cuteblondangel88 (The Light of Transformation)

xxNOxNAMExNINJAxx (Your Guardian Shadow)

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