Thunder Love

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Midori and Kaori were best friends. They love each other as if they were sisters, until Kouichi came into their lives. What would be the effect of his presence to the best friends’ relationship?

Submitted: June 09, 2014

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Submitted: June 09, 2014



by: Yoshiko



MIDORI: Ri-chan, wake up!

KAORI: Ahh, yeah. *stretching*

There were 2 best friends, 2 girls namely: Midori Tachibana and Kaori Yanagisawa. They were together since 2nd year in primary school. How they became best friends? Midori is a shy-type person while Kaori is the opposite of her. Midori is treated as a “princess” in their house because she’s the only girl among the three siblings, her onii-chan, Ryouji and her 4-year- old youngest brother, Rai. In short, Midori’s family is a kind of rich, but, due to her shyness; she wasn’t able to make friends. On the other hand, Kaori is unfortunately, at young age she became the bread winner of the family. She hated boys so much because they always made her remember what her father did. Her father left them just for another woman and what’s more, he left them his debt worth $10M!!! so, at age of 8, Kaori started to sell different kinds of goods in the streets. They were 3 in the family, her hard working mom before, but because years have passed, she is not that strong now, Kaori and her 4-year-old sister, Chiyo.



One afternoon, Kaori heard some familiar voices on her way home. She decided to take a peek, and she saw that guys again! that guys who will corner some rich persons just to get some money, and they’ll do that by using force.

KAORI: Hey! Please get off her!

She shouted at them. She just wanted to help her.

GUY 1: Yanagisawa-chan! You’re always interrupting us! Why won’t you shut up and just do your duties to your broken, ill-fated family!

The head of the gang said and they all laughed.

Kaori had known to their place as the “hard working child”.

KAORI: As I’ve said awhile ago, please release her!!

Her voice became louder this time.

GUY 2: What if I don’t want? Please look at her, Yanagisawa, she’s beautiful just like a princess. If we will not use her as a ransom, their money will stack in their house forever. They are rich but, they are not sharing their blessings. What a waste!, isn’t it?

KAORI: I said get off her!!! NOW!!!

Her voice became loudest at this point.

She stepped on the head gang’s foot and bit the arm which holds the girl and finally, due to pain, he suddenly released the girl. For final blow, she mildly kicked the wood beside her to go in her hands and struck him the hardest as she can. She told the girl to run but, she saw that the other guy was chasing after her, so she threw the wood she’s holding towards the guy and BULL’S EYE!, she hit him!, and when other members saw it, they ran away.

KAORI: Are you alright?

GIRL: Uh-uh-uh—

KAORI: Hey! A simple “fine” or “no” will do.

GIRL: Uhmm—I-I’m fine.

KAORI: Ok then. Please take care on your way home. Bye.

GIRL: Uhmm—wait!

Kaori stopped for a while.

KAORI: What is it?

GIRL: Thank you for saving me! Wha—what’s your na—name?

KAORI: (she laughed consciously) Are you afraid of me? Why do you have stuttered voice? And regards to that ‘saving thing’, don’t worry I’m getting used to it. Some of my street aunties taught me some techniques in saving my life or others even if I’m only 8 years old. By the way, I’m Kaori Yanagisawa, 2nd year at Seika Public School, and you’re?

GIRL: I am Midori Tachibana and I’m also in my 2nd year at Seika Public School.

KAORI: TACHIBANA!!! Are you related with the Tachibana Group of Companies?

MIDORI: Please minimize your voice. Yes I am, I’m their daughter.

KAORI: WHAAATTT!!!! You’re kidding me, right? How can you be in this place? What are you doing here? LIAR!

MIDORI: No, I’m not kidding you, I’m their daughter. LOOK! (Opens her wallet showing her the inside of it)

KAORI: *SHOCKED* You’re really a TACHIBANA!!! Whoa! But, what are you doing here?

MIDORI: I’m just wandering in this place. I want to see how people live here.

KAORI: But you’re still at a young age! You weren’t supposed to do that!

MIDORI: But, why you? You are here and one more thing is you fought those bad guys! Isn’t it that’s more dangerous? What if you got hurt? Or for worst, what if you died?

KAORI: Like I’ve said awhile ago, I’m getting used to it and for other reason, it is because I was born here that’s why, I already know this kind of surrounding, unlike you, we have different world! By the way, if you’re the daughter of TACHIBANA, why are you studying at Seika? And one more thing, I never see you there even once.

MIDORI: Not yet but soon!

KAORI: Huh?!

MIDORI: I don’t enjoy being at a social private schools because I don’t like the students there. It just like they’re only going to school just to show off their ‘new things’, and I don’t like it. In short, I wanted a real school where I can find real friends, and to experience real school life.


MIDORI: RI-CHAN, I want to be your friend!


MIDORI: You know, this is my first time to talk confidently, and even if it’s the first time we met, I feel that I have known you already and I don’t know why? I like to be your friend, Ri-chan!

KAORI: Uhmm, even if you say that, I don’t think I am the right person to be your friend. I am not rich, and I don’t possess nice qualities. It’s really impossible!

MIDORI: No. There are no impossible if you really want it! I know you clearly understand that thing, Ri-chan, just like what you want to achieve for your family.

KAORI: Uhmm, I think you’re right. Ok, then, I am willing and grateful to be your friend, Mi-chan.

And that’s how they met and became best friends.





KAORI: Mi-chan, we have training today, are you free?

Kaori joined the Judo club for girls as well as Midori, but, Midori only entered the club when she’s in her third year level while Kaori was ever since she stepped up in middle school. So, she is now the captain of the club.

MIDORI: ahh, I’m sorry Ri-chan maybe tomorrow. Don’t worry I will be the one to cook, so go home early.

They are both in the final year of their middle school and they both wish that this year will be a great and memorable one.

They are living at an apartment. They decided to do that because they want to experience how to live independently. But, Kaori never forgets her responsibilities to her family. Actually, she has a part-time job at a convenience store every night and a part-time judo trainer for girls at the Hetalia Sport Center every Saturday only. She visits her family seldom but, she gives them enough money and promise to stay for at least 2 days and 2 nights.

On the other hand, Midori also wants to experience what Kaori does so she also applied to the convenience store where Kaori works but, in contrast to Kaori, she is only doing the job whenever she’s available but the management still pay her but it only worth how much time she consumed. She stays at their house often because of some family matters. So, whenever Midori stays at the apartment, she is doing her best for her best friend just like cooking and cleaning the house because she knows that Kaori doesn’t have time to do these stuffs.




KAORI: EXERT MORE FORCE!!! You must be aware of your feet!

Kaori is in the middle of teaching judo. School Festival is near so they are practicing more and more because they are going to have a match with the Judo Club for boys, and she doesn’t want to lose with them, because whoever wins the match, will have the opportunity to compete in the Inter-school Match.

KOUICHI: Wow! As expected of you, Yanagisawa-san, you’re so determined to win. But, you know that boys are really stronger than girls so, it will be hard for you to win against us!

Kouichi is the captain of Judo Club for boys.

KAORI: What are you doing here, Yamada-kun? Mi-chan is not here today ‘coz she has an appointment to make so you can leave! Or maybe you’re here to spy?

She hates boy, didn’t I (author) mentioned that earlier?

KOUICHI: Huh?! Don’t worry, we all know your techniques and regarding to Tachibana-san, she’s not the reason why I’m here so maybe I’m taking that spy thing but, the truth is, your training seems basic to us. *HE LAUGHED*

KAORI: Damn you, YAMADA-KUN!!!! See for yourself who’s going to win!

KOUICHI: Ok then. See you at the match, Ms. Hardworking! Ganbatte! (Goodluck!)

Kaori didn’t reply to what Kouichi said. She just closes the door and continues teaching.


KAORI: Tadaima! (I’m home!)

MIDORI: Oh, Kaori how’s the training?

KAORI: Stressful. How about yours?

MIDORI: Good vibes!

KAORI: Why? Is there something good happened?

MIDORI: Yeah. I saw Yamada-kun in my way here and he greeted me.

KAORI: Ahh that Big Headed?

MIDORI: Kaori, you’re so mean!

KAORI: Why? And by the way, why are you so happy whenever he’s around?

MIDORI: ‘Coz he’s so nice, and that’s the attitude I want in a guy. How about you, Ri-chan?

KAORI: I don’t have any interest! I’m hungry!

Kaori seems irritated whenever she’s been asked by that kind of question.

MIDORI: Ahh yeah. Ok, please wait, I’ll prepare.




MIDORI: But Dad?! That’s unacceptable! You are not the one who will choose whom I’m gonna be with.

DAD: Midori, parents know what’s best for their children and I know that this guy will be the perfect husband of yours.


DAD: Stop it! Don’t complain because the truth is, you’re already engaged and you will be going to meet him one of these days, so prepare yourself.

Midori can’t do anything but to shut up. She doesn’t want an arranged marriage but she needs to do it for the sake of her parents’ friendship. Hotarou Hanasawa is the name of the guy she’s going to marry.




KAORI: I’m so excited ‘coz tomorrow is the day that we’ve been waiting for and I swear that we will be the winner in judo. What do you think?

Midori seems not listening.

KAORI: Mi-chan??

MIDORI: Ahh, yeah, there’s more rice; I’ll get it for you.

Kaori hold her hand for her to stop.

KAORI: What’s the matter? Is there any problem?

MIDORI: Ahh, no, nothing.

KAORI: We’ve been best friends for so many years, Mi-chan; I know everything about you and I know that you have a problem, so tell me.

MIDORI: I’m sorry, (clears throat, then begin) my father, he’s controlling my life. He arranged my marriage to the guy I haven’t met and I don’t want that. You clearly know that I want a real happiness but, what am I suppose to do, Ri-chan? Help me.

KAORI: I really don’t know what to advice but, there’s a saying that parents know best. Maybe there’s a reason why are they doing this to you.

MIDORI: Yeah right, it’s just like what my father said.

KAORI: No Mi-chan, my point is, just do what they say, obey first before you complain.

MIDORI: Maybe you’re right.




KAORI: Mi-chan, come on now, we’re going to late in the ceremony.

Finally, the day they’ve waited has come. They were excited especially in the match but, Midori seems not that happy.

KAORI: What’s wrong?

MIDORI: My dad called. He said that by 6:00 pm we are going to meet at the Itadakimasu, and I don’t know what I’m gonna do?

KAORI: The match will going to finish at 5:00 pm so I’m sure you’ll gonna arrive there at time.

MIDORI: Not that, what am I thinking is, what if I will not go there to meet him?

KAORI: MIDORI TACHIBANA!!!! We already talked about this, right?

Midori clearly knows that when Kaori said her full name, she is already mad.

MIDORI: Uhh—yeah. (bows her head)I’m sorry.

After the conversation, they went to the school. They enjoyed some of the festival booths. They also spent money for the food-related booths but not too much. They freed themselves until 1pm. Their match will going to start at 3pm, so they need some warm up exercises for preparation.

KOUICHI: Hi girls, ready for the match? Looks like you’re having fun?

MIDORI: Hello too, Yamada-kun! We—

She didn’t finish her word because…

KAORI: Don’t talk to us! Remember that we are your opponents!

KOUICHI: Is that new? I thought that ever since we’ve met, except for Tachibana-san, you only see me as your competitor, a rival.

KAORI: Because that’s my perception to all of the boys just like you. Enough of this! Mi-chan, let’s go!

They left Kouichi and then proceed to their club.




They did warm up exercises for about 1 hour and prepared themselves for the match. But, Kaori decided to stay in the gym for a while and did some special training, that’s how she is when she’s aiming for something.

When the announcer broadcasted that the judo participants must prepare, Kaori then, went to the locker room.

MIDORI: Ri-chan, good luck to us.

KAORI: Uh, hai! (yes) let’s do our best!

Midori left Kaori.

Kaori’s chant:

“You can do it! (raises left close fisted hand) You can do it! (raises right close fisted hand)  I know that you can do it! (raises both close fisted hands)” (3x)

“GANBATTE KAORI!!!! (do the hiyah position of judo)” (good luck Kaori!!!!)

KOUICHI: Chant, huh?!

Kaori was surprise to that voice so; she turned around to see who’s there.

KAORI: What the—for all of the people, why it have to be you?

KOUICHI: You look like a child! You’re a total opposite of Yanagisawa that always mad at me.

KAORI: I can’t believe you saw me acting like this. Go laugh all you want. Go tell everyone. After all, I’m—

KOUICHI: Do you think that I’m that kind of person? Each and every one of us has their strengths and weaknesses and to gain your strength, you have to do that kind of chant, am I right? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. So, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

ANNOUNCER: Judo participants, you only have 10 minutes to prepare ‘coz we’re going to have a draw lot.

KOUICHI: Aren’t you going to say anything?

KAORI: Uhmm, thanks.

She runs fast and left him.

ANNOUNCER: Captains, please come in. Choose your members’ opponents as well as yours.

They finished choosing and the announcer posted the match.


ANNOUNCER: Before we start the match, I will remind all of you that this game has a total of 50 points, 10 points for the succeeded member and 30 points for the succeeded captain. As a reward to the winner, they will have a chance to compete in the Inter-School Match. Ok then, Tachibana and Murasame here.

Both walked in the mat and stopped until they reached the center. But, before Tachibana walks, Kaori whispered good luck to her and a smile from Midori as a return.

They bowed to each other. The two members seem to be so serious this time. Their eyes are full of fighting spirit. Until….


The battle begins. Tachibana was the first who attacked Murasame but she suddenly lost her balance when Murasame hold her very tight. Kaori clearly knows that Midori was trying to do the nage-waza technique but it seems that Murasame had also that thought. So..

(nage-waza or standing and throwing technique)


ANNOUNCER: 10 points for boys!

Murasame is the winner after all. He did a clean, forceful throw of his opponent which is Midori.

But, unfortunately, Midori can’t stand alone after that throw so, as expected, Kaori frantically went to Midori and help her out. They have a 15-minute break every after a match so she brought Midori to the infirmary and asked for the nurse to treat her. She’s unconscious at that time so Kaori doesn’t want to bother her. She left the infirmary and go to the locker room, of course to cheer herself. She did again the chant and…

KOUICHI: What the—you’re doing that again? Don’t tell me that you’re doing that every after a match?

KAORI: It’s none of your business.

They both alarmed when they heard the rain falls.

KOUICHI: Look what you did! You are saying that chant over and over again and as a result, the heaven must have been angry to you because of your annoying chant!

KAORI: The hell I care! And stop saying nonsense Yamada-kun, I’m not a child that will believe that stupid accusations!

Kaori left the locker room and proceeded to the dojo. Their 15-minute-break has come to an end.

ANNOUNCER: Machida and Hosaka!


Machida was good in applying the katame-waza and the truth is, even Kaori doesn’t perfect that kind of technique. On the other hand, Hosaka was good in choke holding or elbow locking.

(katame-waza or grappling technique)

Hosaka attacked first but Machida, instead of directly opposing his strength, she yielded to him that caused him to lose his balance and this made her easy to complete a throw but after that throw, Hosaka quickly regain his balance and attacked Machida and throw her. Good thing is she didn’t reach the danger zone so; the fight must go on but…

REFERREE: Times up!

The match reached its time limit without an ippon so the result will be based in the judges.

After a minute…

REFERREE: Hosaka won!

ANNOUNCER: Another 10 points for boys!

Kaori can’t imagine that Hosaka will gonna win because she was really sure that Machida did a great thing especially in yielding but according to the judges, Machida did an inferior throw and she used her hands illegally.

MACHIDA: Kaori-san, I’m sorry.

KAORI: No, it’s ok. You did great and I’m so proud of you.

She tapped her left shoulder and smiled at her.

She went again in the locker room but this time she faced the mirror inside her locker and…

KAORI: What am I going to do? Mi-chan and Akira lost. What if the same thing happens to me? Is it the end of my dreams?

She obviously talked to herself while facing the mirror. She noticed that her heart beats nervously and tears began falling from her eyes. She really don’t know what to do. Her concentration was somehow devastated.

KOUICHI: Is that your new chant?

Kaori wiped her tears very fast and closed the door of her locker intensely. She was indeed shocked that there’s someone watching her.

KAORI: What are you doing here? You’re like a mushroom!

KOUICHI: That’s gross, Yanagisawa-san! That doesn’t even fit my handsome looks unless if that’s a good looking mushroom!

He laughed but Kaori doesn’t seem to be in the mood.

KAORI: Leave me alone, will you?

After Kaori said that, rain became extreme and that resulted to a loud thunder.

*SHOCKED!!! She can’t believe what’s happening! What the—!! She just wanted to…

KAORI: What the—?! Get off me!

She was hugged by Kouichi and she don’t know why? But, what she only comprehends is, since they were only two in that secluded place: ‘Is he doing it to harass her?’

She tried to escape from his embrace but…

KOUICHI: Wait, don’t go! Let’s stay like this for a while. Since it’s your fault why did this happen to me!

KAORI: What? Nonsense! How come it is my fault?

KOUICHI: It is because of your chant so the heaven got angry and also because you’re crying so, they gave you sympathy.

Kaori raise her head to see his face and her eyes were like it wanna kill.

KAORI: Gibberish, Yamada! How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not—

KOUICHI: You’re not a child to believe these stupid accusations. I already know that.

KAORI: If you already know then stop saying those things.

KOUICHI: I can’t ‘coz I don’t know what to say.

KAORI: Huh?!

She doesn’t understand the meaning of that, so…

KAORI: What do you mean?

KOUICHI: Because I am…

Loud thunder made her not to hear what he’s saying but, on the other hand, he hugged her tighter this time.

KOUICHI: Crap!!!

KAORI: Oi! What are you doing? Please let me go!

She don’t know exactly what to do but all she want this time is for him to release her. That’s all!

KOUICHI: No, please don’t stay away from me just a bit more.

KAORI: Huh?! But, I can’t breathe!

She continued removing his hands and put her best into it but nothing happens, she also wanted to do judo techniques but she’s afraid to hurt him ‘coz if he’s going to be injured, their match will be postpone. So she keeps on getting rid of his hands but the fact, the more she tried to remove his hands, the more he hugged her tight. And she doesn’t like it! She was planning to do something when…

ANNOUNCER: Players please proceed to the dojo.

After hearing that, Kouichi finally released her.

KOUICHI: I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to do that.

KAORI: You mean it!!!

Kaori was very mad at Kouichi. She shouted at him and gave him an exasperated look and walked away.


Nonsense! He said he didn’t mean it but whenever I said get off me, his hug became tighter! Stupid! (*thinks*)

Of course I knew it that he made fun of me so, I promise that I’ll defeat him! I’ll make fun of him too!!!

ANNOUNCER: The last pair: Yanagisawa and Yamada!

When they entered the dojo, Kaori is still looking at him with her mad eyes while Kouichi looking at her like it was saying ‘I’m very sorry’. They bowed to each other and….


Yanagisawa was the first who attacked Yamada. Her mind now was set; she must defeat Yamada no matter what! After what he did, no more turning back!

She used nage-waza and fortunately, she did it well but, since Yamada didn’t reach the danger zone, the fight must go on. But, this time Yamada attacked her. He held her and was about to throw but…

KOUICHI: What do you think you’re doing? Why are you so desperate to win?

As their faces were close because of his grip, he whispered those words to her.

KAORI: I’ve already told you the reason and the other one is for you to see that I’m not an easy girl! Go throw me now!!!

KOUICHI: I’m not thinking of you that way!

She managed her face to move backwards because his face was so close to her she could feel the warmth of his breath. Actually, students around them can’t notice what’s really happening to them. All they are witnessing is that they are fighting to extent and that no one can defeat each other.

KAORI: You’re doing that again! What’s your problem? Please throw—


She was shocked when suddenly Kouichi hugged her. HE HUGGED HER AGAIN!!!! But this time…

REFERREE: Yamada, you’re using your hands illegally!

He released her.

KOUICHI: Damn!!! It is your fault! Damn it!!!

She heard him whispered those but she doesn’t bother to ask.

The fight went on. But then again, Kouichi attacked her and…


But the same thing happened, he hugged her again!

KAORI: You’re too much, Yamada! I can’t take it!!

She shouted but only Yamada can hear it. Due to super irritation, she focuses herself. She used the formal technique kata. She freed herself from his grips; she threw him to the ground by exerting pressure to the limbs and immobilized him by placing pressure on the joints.


ANNOUNCER: 30 points for girls!

KAORI: Yes!!! We won! We won! We won!

KOUICHI: Oh yeah! You won! But, will you please help me out here?

Kaori seems to be very happy and delighted ‘coz she achieved her dreams and so, she completely forgot about Yamada which can’t stand because of the pain she gave him.

KAORI: Over my dead body!

After announcing the winner, she claimed their trophy.




Kaori went to the infirmary to tell Midori that they won.

KAORI: Mi-chan, great news!

MIDORI: You looked happy. What is it?

KAORI: We won!

MIDORI: What? I thought Akira lost. *stares at Kaori* Don’t tell me?

KAORI: Yeah. I won over Yamada!

MIDORI: Uh, that’s great!

Midori’s voice seems a bit odd to Kaori. It doesn’t sound like she was happy that they won.

KAORI: Hey! What’s wrong? Is there something that hurts?

MIDORI: Hmmm..Nothing.

KAORI: Then, what’s wrong? Is there something bothering you?


KAORI: What is it? Maybe I can help.

MIDORI: You will?

KAORI: Well it’s ok ‘coz I’m in a good mood.

MIDORI: Please be my substitute.

KAORI: Huh?!

MIDORI: I can’t stand because of my injury; so, be my substitute. Please go to the Itadakimasu and meet him instead of me.

KAORI: What? Who’s he? And why me?

MIDORI: His name is Hotarou Hanasawa and you said awhile ago that you’re willing to help me and what you will do is just easy. You’re only going to tell him that I will not be able to meet him because of my injury. That’s all!

KAORI: That’s all? I knew you already understand what I perceived to boys yet you are requesting me to meet him?

MIDORI: That’s only for now ‘coz I really can’t stand on my own. Please?

Whenever Midori pleases her, she can’t refuse.

KAORI: Hmmm..ok, but that’s only for now.

MIDORI: Thank you very much, best friend!!! You really are my one and only true best friend. I promise that I will cook your favorite dish later.

Midori hugged her tight. But, this hug reminded her of what that Yamada did.


Why am I thinking that silly guy! I hate him! I really am!




After their chat, Kaori proceeded to the locker room and changed to casual clothes. She is meeting with a guy and she doesn’t know what to do.


*20 minutes later…*

She reached the Itadakimasu and entered.


*recalling* Mi-chan said that the Hanasawa guy is wearing a plain blue polo shirt and a black pants and he’s also beside the left window of the restaurant. But, I don’t see anyone…

‘Aha! Bingo, there you are. I finally found—‘

She was muttering those words as she walked towards the guy when suddenly she stopped when she clearly saw him.

*thinks* ‘Maybe I was wrong!’

She was thinking that because the only one who’s wearing that clothes and who’s beside the left window is none other than YAMADA!!!

She doubts whether she will continue walking towards him or she will lie to Mi-chan that there’s no one wearing that kind of clothes in that place.


I don’t want to lie to Mi-chan but what will I do if ever I go there and meet him?

*thinks twice*

But, why the hell I’m so shy? What’s happening to me?

She felt shy but that’s not because of what happened between them a while ago. It’s just that she was now feeling a fast thumping inside of her body and she don’t know what is it and where does it came from. She hates this guy, didn’t she?


She decided to meet him after a long discussion in her mind.

KAORI: *clears throat* Excuse me?

Because of the short noise she made, he turned and look who said that. He looked at her. Kaori saw a little bit shock in his eyes.

KOUICHI: What are you doing here? You’re not the person I’m going to meet, right? So, where’s your friend?

KAORI: So it was you. Why do you have to change your name for Mi-chan? Are you afraid to be dumped?

She chuckles but Kouichi doesn’t.

KOUICHI: That’s my real name.

He said that in a baritone voice.


I can’t imagine that he has that kind of cool voice. ‘Aaarrghhh!!! What am I thinking?’

KAORI: Are you making fun of me again? How came you were Hanasawa Hotarou? Haller?! We had been classmates for four years and Yamada is your name.

KOUICHI: Yamada only?

KAORI: Ok fine. Yamada Kouichi.


*blushing* Why did my heart beats like this?

He stared at Kaori for about a minute and then turned away.

KOUICHI: Will you please sit down.

KAORI: No, thanks and never mind my question, I’m only here because Mi-chan can’t stand because of her injury made by the match so, she requested me to come here and inform you. That’s all. Bye.

She turns away and walks, when…

KOUICHI: Wait, don’t go!

Kouichi held her arm.

KAORI: What do you want this time? Release my arm now or else I’ll throw you!

KOUICHI: I will but, please join me here just for a short time.

KAORI: For what?

KOUICHI: You will just accompany me in behalf of Tachibana-san and please accept this as my apology for what happened before and during the match. I’ll treat you and I’ll also tell you why I changed my name.

KAORI: Huh?! As I’ve said earlier forget about what did I asked you and don’t worry what happened in the match, you have been forgiven. I’m also not interested about your names! So, discharge my arm!

KOUICHI: No, let’s talk. You’ll only do this in behalf of Tachibana-san. Is that ok with you?


Kouichi released her hand while Kaori was like an obedient child who has been hypnotized because she sat down when suddenly Kouichi presented her chair and command her to sit there.




He called the waiter and ordered their foods. When Kaori suddenly realized it…

KAORI: You don’t have to—

KOUICHI: It’s my treat! Don’t complain.

When he said that, she suddenly shut up and never argues with him.


What am I doing with this guy? How did it turned out like this? But, why am I like this? Following his commands just like a kid; but, even if I want to argue with him, I can’t! And even if I want to run away, I can’t and I don’t know why?

5 minutes of silence…

Their ordered foods were set.

KOUICHI: Sorry about what happened in the locker room and in the match.

KAORI: Will you please forget about it?

KOUICHI: You know, I really didn’t mean to do that!

KAORI: YAMADA!!! I said—

She hardly hit the table because of irritation. But, Kouichi held her hand which caused her to be stunned.

KOUICHI: Calm down. I just want to make it clear to you why I did those stupid actions and blame it to you. Please let me explain.

She somehow managed herself to calm down.


‘Aaarrggghh! I did it again! I’ve been hypnotized for the second time…’

KOUICHI: Like what I’m saying a while ago, I didn’t mean to do that, I was—Will you please don’t stare at me like that!

KAORI: Why? I am just listening. Go on.

KOUICHI: And will you please promise me that if I tell you the truth, don’t laugh at me.

KAORI: Why? And besides I don’t see any—

KOUICHI: Just promise!

KAORI: Tsk…Just like a kid! Ok. I promise.

KOUICHI: And please don’t stare at me like that!

KAORI: Aaaarrgghhh! You have so many demands. Are you going to tell the truth or not? If no, then let’s call it a day, Yamada-kun.

KOUICHI: Ahh, no, ok I’ll continue.

She returned to her sit.

KOUICHI: *sigh* I did it because…*sigh* I am afraid of thunder.

He stopped and…

KOUICHI: Why aren’t you laughing? Go on, laugh at me.

KAORI: Stupid! You just told me not to laugh, right?

KOUICHI: Thanks. I don’t know what to say back then so, I blamed it all to you. My phobia of thunder or what they called Brontophobia started when I was a 7-year-old kid. Look, I don’t know why I need to tell you this but I got a feeling that I have to. Back to my story, I and my two friends at that time were playing when suddenly rained but, we continued playing. Rain became harder and started to show lightning and thunder. But instead of hiding, we ignored it, we played all throughout. Until the rain became hardest and showed continuous lightning and thunder and so with that, we were alarmed, we ran to hide but an unfortunate event happened, we didn’t reach the nipa hut and so, lightning struck us except me. I’ve seen everything, I’ve witnessed it and I was so scared. But, what made me so scared was the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard in my life. It even caused me trauma. For me, it gave me realization that I was so stupid and a useless friend. Even now, I am still blaming myself that I was the cause of their death even if their families didn’t blame it to me. And that was also the cause why I need to change my name, to forget that awful event in my life. I was always thinking why did God let me live more?

KAORI: Don’t say that and don’t ever think that way. You don’t know how fatal death is. Remember, God has always plans for his children.

KOUICHI: Uh, hey, why are you crying?

KAORI: Because you don’t know what you’re saying. You should thank God more because you’re still alive.

KOUICHI: Hmmm,,here.

He gave her his handkerchief and she accepted it without second thoughts.

KOUICHI: Don’t worry I wasn’t thinking that now. Maybe there were reasons why did God allow me to use my second life. I promised to myself that I will protect the person I’m with. And it happens to be you; I did that to protect you. I just also want to tell you that you’re the first person who knew my story and you were also the first person that I protected.

KAORI: *a bit shocked* Not even your family?

KOUICHI: Well, of course they already knew my story and protected them; but, what am I saying is, aside from them.

KAORI: But, why did you hug me? We were in a dojo which means a covered house so, it is impossible for me to hurt by the lightning, so why did you do that?

KOUICHI: The truth is I don’t know too. It is just I only felt that I needed to protect you.

KAORI: Huh?! Yamada, you’re talking nonsense again.

KOUICHI: No, that’s the truth, swear. I don’t know why I did that! Even now, I’m still looking for the answer.

Kaori checked the time in her wristwatch, 7pm.

KAORI: Whoa! Time is so fast. It’s already 7pm. Sorry, Yamada, uh—I mean Hanasawa-kun but I need to go. I’m sure Mi-chan is waiting for me now. And I’m sorry for what happened earlier that I threw you. Well, good luck to you on finding the answer.

KOUICHI: Ahh, that’s ok Yana-chan, I understand why you have to do that and by the way, I really enjoyed our conversation and thank you for listening. And please use Yamada instead of Hanasawa.

KAORI: *smiles* Ok. Don’t worry I enj—appreciated it…too.*sigh* *bent her head down* And you’re welcome and please don’t use—

KOUICHI: May I use that nickname to you? ‘Coz I’m tired of Yanagisawa, that’s quite long. May I?

KAORI: That’s what I’m going to say but…aaarrghh, ok, you may use it!


What the—did he just made his eyes tantalized?

‘Aaahh, those eyes! Damn it!’

KAORI: So…I’ll go now.

KOUICHI: Bye, Yana-chan! *waves his hands*

Kaori ignored that and walked away.


What the—her smile! Did my heart beat fast a while ago? Or it was just my imagination?

Kaori went home and told Midori about Kouichi and the Hotarou guy were the same but she didn’t tell her about his trauma and the nickname.




MIDORI: Ri-chan, come on, we’re gonna be late.

School festival has come to an end. Their school lives were starting to be normal again.

KAORI: Ah, yeah. Coming!

As usual, they both come to school. When suddenly…

KOUICHI: Good morning ladies!

They both turned to him.

MIDORI: Good morning too, Yamada-kun. *blushing* Uhmm, I’m sorry if I used Ri-chan to be my substitute on the previous day.

On the other hand, Kaori just showed off a slight smile on her lips.

KOUICHI: Oh, that’s ok. Mind if I join you?

KAORI: You’re already joining us!

MIDORI: Ri-chan!

KOUICHI: Don’t worry Tachibana-san, I got used to it. Sorry Yana-chan! *closes his hand as if he was praying and bowed a little*

MIDORI: Ya-yana-chan?

KAORI: Oh, uhmm, that’s—

KOUICHI: That’s the nickname I gave to her.

MIDORI: Ah. How about mine?

KOUICHI: Later, I just have to think what it will be.

Midori and Kouichi were happily talking to each other while Kaori was at their back staring at them quietly.


They looked good together.


Earlier, when I heard Mi-chan also wants to have a nickname, there’s something inside me that push me to say don’t do that, don’t give her nickname just what you did to me, but, who am I to do that?

‘Aaahh, what’s wrong with me? What the hell am I thinking?

Until they reached their classroom…

KAORI: Uhmm, excuse me, may I borrow Mi-chan for a while?

She interrupted them.

KOUICHI: Go ahead.

MIDORI: What is it?


Why was she like that?

Midori seems like annoyed. She sounded like she’s irritated.

Is it because I interrupted their conversation?

MIDORI: What is it??

This time she sounded like she’s super irritated.

KAORI: Uhmm, I-I’ll just go to the locker room to change?

MIDORI: That’s all?

KAORI: Yeah?!

MIDORI: Ri-chan?! You don’t have to interrupt us unless if you have important to say. Tsk, you may go.

Kaori walked away with a little bit shocked in her face.

At the locker room…

Kaori opened her locker and talked to herself in the front of the mirror inside.

KAORI: Why did you have to act like that? I just want to inform you where I’m going so, in case that you need help, you will easy to find me and ask me. Why are you mad at me? Was there something bad I’ve done to you?




KOUICHI: I don’t see anything bad on what you said to her earlier.

Kaori turned to him and stare. It is unusual because she was not shocked.

KOUICHI: Wow! That’s unexpected of you, Yana-chan! You’re not shocked!

KAORI: I got used to it but why are you always showing up whenever I am talking with myself?

KOUICHI: Because I like watching you talking to yourself. You’re crazy!

KAORI: Shut up!

KOUICHI: *mild laugh* Don’t worry, maybe Tachibana-san was stressed and pressured so she didn’t realize that she burst out her madness to you.

KAORI: Tachibana-san?

KOUICHI: Yeah. Why? Am I wrong?

KAORI: No. I mean, this morning, she asked you about giving her nickname, right?

KOUICHI: Ah, that, I don’t know why but I don’t have any idea of what nickname should I give her because I am already satisfied of what I’m calling her.

KAORI: Even though it’s long?

KOUICHI: Yeah?! Ahmm, why did you ask?

KAORI: Uhmm, nothing.

KOUICHI: So, cheer up now, Yana-chan!


I don’t know why but I am somehow… relieved.

School’s over…

At home… (Knocking… Kaori opens the door…)

KAORI: Welcome home, Mi—

Midori seems in a bad mood because she walked straight and passed by Kaori. It was as if she didn’t see and hear anyone.

KAORI: Wait.

Kaori stopped her by holding her hand.

MIDORI: Not now, Ri-chan.

KAORI: No, let’s talk!

MIDORI: I said—


She shouted at her.

MIDORI: What?! What do you want? Look Ri-chan, I’m tired!  So let go off me.

She let her go but…

KAORI: What’s wrong with you? I don’t know why you are acting like this to me. Tell me; was there something bad I’ve done to you?

MIDORI: You want to know why?

KAORI: Yeah.

MIDORI: Because I want it too!

KAORI: Huh?! What do you mean?

MIDORI: I also want him to give me a nickname!

KAORI: Are you…jealous?

MIDORI: Ok, fine. Yes I am, I really am. You already know that I like him ever since we were in first year.

KAORI: So, what exactly are you trying to say?

MIDORI: Don’t get in the way. I’m sorry, Ri-chan but as far as I remember, we’re engaged, right?

KAORI: I know and don’t worry, I will not ruin that. I’m your friend, your best friend.

MIDORI: I trust you.






MIDORI: Ri-chan, as always!

KAORI: Oh, yeah, coming!


It’s a good thing, right?

That mornings to us are still our usual mornings.

It doesn’t change.

Except for one…

KOUICHI: Good morning, ladies!


Why do he always joining us?

*reminiscing* ‘Don’t get in the way!’

She stopped walking.

MIDORI: Ri-chan, what’s wrong?

KAORI: Ah, sorry, Mi-chan but I forgot that I need to talk to coach Fujiwara this morning and that should be now, so, I’ll go ahead. See you at school.

She ran away from them.

Of course, it was a lie.

At school…


What am I doing? Why did I lie?

But, it’s better, right?


At the classroom…

MIDORI: Hey, Ri-chan, how’s your conversation with coach Fujiwara?

KAORI: Ahh, that, uhmm, fi-fine! *fake smile*

End of morning class…

MIDORI: Ri-chan, let’s go lunch together.

KAORI: Ok, wait. I’m going to fix my things.

When suddenly…

KOUICHI: Are you two going to canteen?

MIDORI: Yeah, want to join us?


MIDORI: Of course you may. Ri-chan, come on!


What the—

You’re going to join us even at the canteen?

*sigh* when suddenly…

*reminiscing* ‘Don’t get in the way!’

Waahhh, what am I supposed to do?


MIDORI: Ri-chan?!

KAORI: Ah, yeah, coming. *smiles*

She simply placed her hand inside her pocket while walking and then pushed the ringtone. Of course she will going to pretend.

KAORI: Whoa, someone’s calling. Mi-chan, wait!

Midori and Kouichi stopped.

KAORI: Hello?!...*sweating* Ah, yeah…(pretends that there’s someone talking on the other line)…What? As in now?.......Ah, ok…….yeah, bye.

MIDORI: Who is it?

KAORI: Akira-san, she wants me to join her in lunch and that’s first time so, I said yes. Is that ok with you? Promise, I will join you next time.

MIDORI: Ahh, but next time, ok? Come on, Yamada-kun.

She just nodded.


What’s wrong with her?!

She is not in her usual self since this morning. *curious*



At the garden…


*talking to herself*

*sigh* I did it again!

Aaarghh!!! *scratched her head*

What am I doing?

I was like…aaaahhhhh!

*calmed herself and ate her sandwich.* Good thing she brought one.

At the classroom…

Kaori seems not in the mood ‘coz she has a lot of thoughts circulated in her mind.

End of afternoon class…

MIDORI: Come on, Ri-chan, let’s go home!

Kaori just nodded.

KOUICHI: Mind if I join you again?

MIDORI: Yeah, sure.

KOUICHI: Sorry because I always joining you.

MIDORI: Ah, that’s ok and that’s better, right? Because we are…you know?

KOUICHI: Ah, yeah, engaged.

Midori was blushing when Kouichi said that.

KAORI: Mi-chan, sorry but I need to go at the dojo. I have to practice. *in serious voice*

MIDORI: But, Ri-chan, the competition is quite far, right?

KAORI: Yeah, I know that, but, I need to do this for my Saturday training at the Hetalia. And also tomorrow, I’ll not be able to accompany you because I will go early that means right after our class at the convenience store because my sister needs money so, I should earn it even if I need to double my usual time. And also, I have no worries because I know Yamada-kun will be there for you, right? (faces Yamada)

This time she is telling the truth.

KAORI: So, I’ll go now. Take care of her.

MIDORI: Same to you, Ri-chan.


Something’s wrong but, I don’t know what it is.

They left Kaori in the classroom who still fixing her things.

KAORI: It’s better this way.

She whispered to herself.

On the other hand…

KOUICHI: Uhmm, may I ask you?

MIDORI: What is it?

KOUICHI: Wow, you’re indeed a total opposite of Yana-chan.


KOUICHI: Because, maybe if I asked her the same question, she will not respond to me the way you did. Maybe she will say, ‘you’re already asking!’ in an annoyed voice.

He laughs.

MIDORI: Can we please change topic?

KOUICHI: Uh, I’m sorry. Did I offend you?

MIDORI: No, but please, she’s not here and every time she’s not around, not joining us, you are always talking about her. *stops and then sigh* Don’t you get tired?

KOUICHI: *also stops* I’m sorry but I don’t get you.

MIDORI: Let’s not talk about her! We’re going to get—

KOUICHI: What? Married? Husband and wife?

MIDORI: Yeah, that’s it. And I am—

KOUICHI: You’re jealous?

MIDORI: You’re already knew those things but, why are you still doing that? And also, I want to open the issue of nickname. Why did you give her a nickname? And then to me, you gave me nothing.

KOUICHI: You know Tachibana-san; I really can’t imagine that you’ll going to say these things. I really respect you ever since we’ve met, the two of you, but I respect you more because every time I see you, you look so formal and kind especially when you’re talking with Yana-chan. And regarding to the ‘nickname thing’, I already explained it to Yana-chan because she asked me why didn’t I give you nickname and my answer was because I was contented in the name I always calling you because as I’ve said earlier, I see you as formal girl so I preferred formal name too. And about the engagement—

MIDORI: Enough! I don’t want to hear any of that.


MIDORI: I said enough.

She ran but Kouichi intended to follow her so she stopped.

MIDORI: Don’t follow me!

KOUICHI: But, you’re my responsibility.

MIDORI: It’s ok, two houses from here and that’s our apartment so I’ll be safe and…I’m sorry, bye.

Kouichi didn’t intend to follow her ‘coz saying sorry was enough for him.




Did I hurt her?



Kouichi went to the park near their school. He stayed there for a while when suddenly he felt something on his shoulders. A drop of water but this time, they are drops, therefore, it is raining. He is about to leave when out of the blue something popped into his mind which made him smile.


What the—!

What am I thinking about her?

He started to walk then…run. Until…

KOUICHI: What the—! What am I doing here?

He said that because his feet went him to the school which he didn’t plan to go on. But, instead of arguing with himself…

KOUICHI: I will just take a peek if she’s still here. That’s all, just a peek.

He can’t control himself ‘coz in first place, he doesn’t want to interrupt her so he’s blaming all of these to his traitor feet.

He went to the dojo for girls to see her but…

KOUICHI: Where is she? I thought she was going to practice. Maybe she was ly—

He stopped when…

KOUICHI: What the—Oh, man! *tapped his forehead* What do you think you’re doing? You crazy woman!

He headed to the door of dojo and opened it.

He went near to the sleeping lady who was sitting at the floor while her right hand was placed on the foamed bench and her head was lying down in the said arm.

He stared at her.


She’s like an angel while sleeping. *smiles and at the same time disoriented*

What am I doing? But, I just can’t control myself.

As usual, in his mind, he is blaming this to his traitor feet because he just felt his feet walks toward her and kneels down and moved his face closer to hers and it was few inches away to her face.



He stared at her from forehead to chin but what but what got his attention the most were her face and lips.

He touched her face using the back of his hand.


*mild shocked* I never thought that her face would be a smooth and soft like this. It was total different of her personality because she was so powerful, literally.

Next, he gently touched her lips but, when his finger touched it, he released it so fast as if he was being electrified.


What the—! It is softer than her face and I can’t imagine that because words coming from her mouth were sometimes rude.

*thinks* Or maybe that was only meant for me? Haaayy!

*realized something*

But, why am I doing this?

She’s unconscious, right? But, even if she’s oblivious, I don’t have any right to do this.

But, whatever words circulating in his mind, he can’t manipulate himself. Because, the fact is, he’s already moving forward to her he could even touch the peak of her nose and their lips were almost touching when suddenly…



KAORI: What do you think you’re doing?


What a lovely story of mine! I dreamt of holding a trophy which means I was the champion in the Inter-School Competition when out of the blue, the trophy I was holding changed into a giant mushroom that has eyes and hands and touching my face. I thought I was going to be eaten so, I cut that dream. In short, I was awakened by that dream so; I opened my eyes when suddenly I saw someone who was an inch before me. I was shocked but I don’t know why I didn’t move backwards and kicked him out of my face. And as a matter of fact, I have said those words in my very usual. No expressions at all.

Kouichi is indeed shocked when he heard her voice. So, he moved away to her as fast as the lightning bolt.

KOUICHI: I-I, uhmm, I didn’t do anything to you! I was just—

He said it in a very obvious stuttering voice. He stopped because he thinks what will him going to say.

KAORI: You’re just—what?

KOUICHI: I was just—uhh, I was just looking at you!

KAORI: And may I know why?


I don’t why am I like this? Why didn’t I scold him? Wh

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