Thunder Love (continuation)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Midori and Kaori were best friends. They love each other as if they were sisters, until Kouichi came into their lives. What would be the effect of his presence to the best friends’ relationship?

Submitted: June 19, 2014

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Submitted: June 19, 2014




I don’t know why am I like this? Why didn’t I scold him? Why didn’t I say bad words to him? And as a matter of fact, why did I say these words to him confidently?

KOUICHI: I-I, uhh, be-because you’re crazy!!! Sleeping in a bench like that! And sleeping with that kind of face! Never do that again, sleeping in somewhere else. You don’t know what will going to happen if you repeat that!

KAORI: Why am I crazy? What’s wrong with my face? You moron! And what is your right to tell me that? And first, as I clearly remember, you weren’t supposed to be here, so; what bad air brings you here?

But, she can’t wait any longer so…

KAORI: Oh, never mind my question!

She walked away from him and at the same time the continuous falling of raindrops became hardest which produces loud thunder.



Kaori heard some footsteps and *boom* it hugged her. Ah, no I mean, he hugged her from her back.

She didn’t expect it to happen, really, so…

KAORI: Yamada, enough! You’re doing this again! We’re at the dojo, there will be no harm gonna happen to me so, get off me!

She is trying her best to release his grip in her but its useless, he was strong!

KAORI: What the—! How could you be this strong? Release me now, will you? I’ll go home!

KOUICHI: You’re one of a tough girl but, no matter how strong you are; remember that boys are still stronger than girls.

KAORI: Ok, fine. I hate to admit this but you’re right. Boys were really stronger than girls, satisfied now? So, will you please release me?

KOUICHI: Do you think that will be the best answer for me to release you?

KAORI: Argghh! Ok, what else do you want?

KOUICHI: This morning, our lunch awhile ago, and even going home, why aren’t you joining us? Or it was just that because I am always joining you? Because I heard whenever Tachibana-san invites you, you were saying yes but, whenever I hit your conversation and asked to join you two, you’re always changing your mind. Are you avoiding me?
KAORI: Of course not! Why do you think so? And for your information that—that was all true!!

KOUICHI: Really?

KAORI: Ah, uhmm, yes, of course! So, will you please get—

KOUICHI: You’re not good in lying, don’t you?

KAORI: Huh?! What do you mean?

This time he let go of her and then she faced him.

KAORI: Thank goodness.

She was about to leave when he stopped her by holding her arm.

KOUICHI: I’m not yet finished.

KAORI: And what do you want this time?

KOUICHI: I know the truth!

KAORI: Huh?!

KOUICHI: You really don’t have any conversation made with Coach Fujiwara, right?

KAORI: How did—I…I mean where did you get that kind of news?

KOUICHI: You’re still denying huh?! How about our lunch? I asked Machida-san if you two were together and she said that she haven’t seen you all day, so how come you two ate lunch together? And, does it mean that you pretended calling her awhile ago? And if that’s yes, you were such stupid!

KAORI: Ok, fine, I am stupid! But, I don’t know what to do back then.

KOUICHI: But, you don’t have to do that!

KAORI: I have to, because I promised.

KOUICHI: With whom?

KAORI: You don’t need to know. So, please let me go.

KOUICHI: I have to.

KAORI: Huh?!

Thunder strikes again.

And of course, as usual, he hugged her again. but, this time, it was not her back.

KAORI: What the—! You’re too much!

She was about to knock him down when suddenly…

KOUICHI: I have to know…because…I’m tired thinking of you whenever you’re not around. Although, I’m not saying that I’m tired of you, all I want to say is I don’t want to miss you ‘coz I want you to stay always by my side.


No way! Please Yamada, don’t say those words to me.

KAORI: Huh?! What are you saying?

KOUICHI: Don’t you get it? I LIKE YOU!

She was suddenly shocked on what she heard.

KAORI: *in serious voice* Why are you saying these all of a sudden? And let me go!

But, he didn’t let her go.

KOUICHI: I’m serious.

KAORI: I know you’re not! Please Yamada, let me go!

He let go of her after all.

KOUICHI: How can you tell that I’m not saying the truth?

KAORI: Of course I know. How came that you like me when you are already like Mi-chan too? Don’t tell me you’re a two-timer?

KOUICHI: Who told you that?

KAORI: Which?

KOUICHI: That I like Tachibana-san?

KAORI: Huh?! Are you out of your mind? Of course you like her. You’re engaged, meaning you’re going to get married.

KOUICHI: Who said that we’re engaged?

KAORI: Don’t make me laugh! You were engaged and the evidence was our meeting at the restaurant which I was the substitute for Mi-chan.

KOUICHI: Hotarou Hanasawa was the name written in the contract and I am not him. Not anymore. And that was I wanted to tell Tachibana-san on that day but then you came. And I want to inform you that when two persons were engaged through arrange it doesn’t mean that you already like him/her even if you’re going to get married because that was arranged and that’s not your happiness. Although, I’m not saying that I don’t like Tachibana-san but it is just I like her only as a friend.

KAORI: Ahh, now I understand. But how came you’re not that Hanasawa guy? Haven’t you told me that was your real name?

KOUICHI: Which of those things I said you fully understand? And regarding to my name, the first only is my real name which is Hotarou while the Hanasawa is my mother’s surname and that was use in the contract because only mom liked to have an arranged marriage and my dad wasn’t after that. Because my dad hates to interfere in his children when it comes to love affairs, he wants us to be happy so mom also said that arranged marriage was only optional in case I am not be able to find the girl that I will love and will love me back.

KAORI: Ah, so you’re parents were not that strict?

KOUICHI: Sort of. But, you didn’t answer my question.

KAORI: Ah, the one that I understand the most is you also like me the way you like Mi-chan, right? Haay, I feel so relieved.

KOUICHI: That was different!

He shouted.

KAORI: Huh?!

KOUICHI: Are you still don’t get it?

KAORI: What?

KOUICHI: I already found the girl I love and that was you. I LIKE YOU more than a friend and that mean I LOVE YOU, YANA-CHAN! With that, do you get it?

She was totally shocked she couldn’t move her body where she stands and she was only looking in his eyes.


I don’t know what’s this feeling? My heart beats so fast, as if it was going to jump out of my chest. He likes me but not as a friend but more than a friend and he said that he-he loves me. I don’t know what to say.


Her eyes were so charming. She’s blushing right now and she’s cute. I can’t help it.


She stopped when suddenly Kouichi kissed her. It’s not a hug anymore. It’s a KISS!

Kaori didn’t realized it first because she was unconscious but not less than a minute, what’s happening has reached her confused mind so, she hardly pushed him.

KAORI: What the heck are you doing? You pervert!

KOUICHI: Pervert? I am—

She didn’t want to hear more words coming from him because she don’t know what will gonna happen if she hears more. So, she ran fast and left him without saying anything.




Kaori wants to go home but what if Midori sees her with this kind of expression, she don’t know what to answer if she will be asked by her; so, she decided to go at the riverside near to their apartment.


Why does my heart beating so fast right now?

I know this isn’t beating so fast because of running but it is something else.


That hugs and that damn kiss! He also said he-lo-loves me. Why?

Yeah, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I don’t hate him but I don’t love him either. Maybe I like him but that is just a friend. Yeah right, it is just a fr-friend.

Kaori finally went home but thank goodness Midori was asleep. She didn’t bother to eat though she walks straightforward to her room. Still, she can’t forget what happened.


Why can’t I get out of my mind those things happened awhile ago?

After a few thinking, she decided to sleep.



MIDORI: Ri-chan?

Midori knocked three times on Kaori’s door but it seems no one’s there so she entered. As expected, no one’s there but she found a letter on top of Kaori’s table and it says:

“I’m sorry Mi-chan but I have to go to my mother’s place. I’m really sorry if I didn’t inform you in person. Take care.”

MIDORI: As always. *lightly smiles*

Midori prepares herself to because Kouichi is now waiting her outside.

MIDORI: I’m sorry I’m late, Yamada-kun.

KOUICHI: Oh, that’s ok. By the way, where’s Yana-chan?

MIDORI: Ah, she’s on her way to Kanagawa, her family’s place.

KOUICHI: Kanagawa?!!

MIDORI: Yeah, what’s wrong?—Hey, Yamada-kun, wait. Where are you going? We’re gonna be late.

KOUICHI: Sorry, Tachibana-san but I forgot something. Please go ahead.

He said that while running.


What was she thinking?

She’s going there at this hour, stupid Yana-chan!



Haay, I’m doing this again!

But now, I was very sure that I was avoiding him.

After that confession, I was indeed shocked so I don’t know how to face him.

But it is good, right?

After long months, I will be able to visit mom and Chi-chan. I am very excited.

She took the bus going to Kanagawa. After 1 hour, she was there. As usual, nothing has changed. People, houses and their way of living were all the same.

Kaori took the shortcut on her way home. But, this place is not the same as before. There were several guys surrounding the particular area.


Drunken guys early in the morning?

GUY1: Hey miss!

But, Kaori didn’t turn.

GUY2: Miss, don’t just ignore us!

But, Kaori didn’t turn again and continue walking—fast.

Guy 3 and 4 followed and over passed her to block her from walking.

GUY3: Hey, miss, you’re beautiful.

He touched her face but Kaori was obviously controlling herself.

GUY4: Want to play with us?

He kneels down and touched her legs.

At this time, she can’t hold back. She kicked the guy who touched her legs and throw the other guy who touched her face just  like she  always did in judo.

She was strong and she can fight them all but, they were several, 6 guys versus 1 girl. How could a girl beat them all?


I can beat them all!

GUY5: Wow! A strong one, huh!

GUY6: You know girl, please surrender yourself to us! You can’t beat us!

KAORI: Of course, I can.

Guy 1 and 2 were the first to attack and thank goodness she was able to dodge them. But guy 3and 4 attacked her without her knowing. They hold her both arms and she can’t get out of them.

KAORI: Why are you doing this? Don’t you know who I am? Please get off me!

Guy 5 and 6 went to her and guy 5 touches her face.

GUY5: We don’t care who you are. All we need is a toy and all you have to do is to bring us happiness.

*all guys laughed*


GUY6: We are already in hell! This place is like a hell to us.

Guy 6 touched her neck down to opening her blouse.

1st button released…

KAORI: Hey, please don’t do this! HELP ME!! *almost crying*

GUY4: Poor girl but no one can hear you here. This is a secluded place.

2nd button released…

Her cleavage was almost showing…

KAORI: No, please stop it! HELP ME!!! YAMADA-KUN!!!

3rd button was about to released when…

KOUICHI: Get off her! NOW!

Kouichi attacked them and like a blink of an eye, they were all beaten.


*before Kouichi arrives*

Please help me! *crying*

Yamada-kun, I need you!!!

*then closed her eyes*

*at the same time of Yamada’s arrival*

I heard his voice but I don’t want to open my eyes ‘coz I don’t want to see myself in this kind of situation.

KOUICHI: Yana-chan, Yana-chan! Wake up. Open your eyes!

He lifted her up, placed her in his lap and tapped her, waking her up.

Kaori slowly opened her eyes and…

KAORI: Yamada-kun!

She hugged her so obviously Kouichi was astounded because we all know that Kouichi was the only one who always initiated the ‘hug thing’ but at this point, Kaori was the one who did it first.



KAORI: You know I really can defeat them. If only they didn’t use illegal attacks to me, I was being able to defeat them just what I did to you. *crying*

Kaori still hugging him.

KOUICHI: That’s rude of you! You are being harassed but still you’re saying those kind of words! You’re such—

KAORI: Thank you.

She whispered and then kissed him on his cheeks. But, of course she can’t believe what she did.


Why am I like this?

I just felt myself saying those words [thank you] and then felt myself going near to him, holding the back of his neck and go nearer to reach his cheeks and then *smack*


What’s this?

Has the earth just turned upside-down?

I just can’t believe this is happening.

He gently pinched his legs.

*ouch* = in mind

This isn’t a dream!

She already released him.

KAORI: Hey! Hey!

She shouted at him because Kouichi seems to be super amused.



KOUICHI: Ah, *holding his kissed cheeks*

KAORI: Hey! Don’t misunderstand that!

KOUICHI: Oh yeah. I know. But, will you please close your blouse because your uhmm…you know…are already exposed.

He covered his eyes by his hands but the pointing and tallest finger were slightly open.

Kaori was surprised and looked down to see what he’s talking about and closed it.

KAORI: You pervert! How long did you see it?

KOUICHI: I didn’t intend to see it but, from the very start, when you called my name for help.

KAORI: What?! Why didn’t you say it?

KOUICHI: Because you’re hugging me.

KAORI: Damn you!

She punched him but when she was finished, she was about to release her hands when he hold it.

KAORI: What?

KOUICHI: You still have to pay me.

KAORI: Huh?!

KOUICHI: You owe me! Remember, you asked for my help and I saved you.

KAORI: But, but, did I uhmm, you know, kiss you?

KOUICHI: *mildly laughs* You call that a kiss? Maybe thank you kiss but that’s so cheap!

KAORI: CHEAP?! You appraised my kiss as cheap? How dare you! My kiss isn’t ordinary. That’s special. And, for your information, you’re lucky ‘coz you’re the first—uhmm…

KOUICHI: Really? I was the first?

KAORI: Uhmm, unfortunately, yes. And I can’t imagine you will going to tease me.

KOUICHI: Don’t worry, my payment is just simple.

KAORI: Huh?! You’re still not finished. I told you that you are my first—

KOUICHI: What? That’s only a thank you kiss, not a real kiss so, I’m not satisfied.

KAORI: Huh?! Ok fine, how much do you want?

KOUICHI: I don’t need money. All you have to do is a date with me.

KAORI: Eh?! The hell no!

KOUICHI: Ok then, kiss me!

KAORI: Kiss you?

KOUICHI: Do I have to repeat it? But, this time, kiss me in my lips and everything will be fine. You don’t need to date with me too.

KAORI: What?! A BIG NO!!!

KOUICHI: Then date with me. Whether you like it or not, Sunday, 7pm at the La Casa Grande Amusement Park. If you won’t come, I will going to hunt you wherever you are and when I found you I will kiss you again. Remember that! Bye.

Kaori left behind seems that she still absorbing what he said.


A date?!

After it has processed, she decided to go and visit her family.



MIDORI: Ri-chan! May I borrow your math notebook? Sorry for intruding.

Since its Saturday, Kaori was at work so, Midori was the one who left in their apartment.


Ah, I wish I was good in math too.

When she picked up Kaori’s notebook, something fell at the floor.

MIDORI: What’s this? *she picked*

It reads:


7pm at La Casa Grande Amusement Park.”

MIDORI: Is this a date? With whom?


KAORI: Tadaima! (I’m home)

MIDORI: Okairi! (welcome back) Uhmm, may I ask you?

KAORI: You’re already asking. *smiles* sure, what is it?

MIDORI: Uhm, I borrowed your math notebook.

KAORI: Ah, that’s alright. I got used to it.

MIDORI: And one more thing.

KAORI: Hhmm.

MIDORI: Do you have something to attend tomorrow?

KAORI: What do you mean?

MIDORI: Uhm, something like a meeting with someone?

KAORI: *thinking* Ah, yes, I almost forgot. But, Mi-chan, I didn’t plan this, really. I have a debt to Yamada-kun and I just need to pay him, that’s all.

MIDORI: Ah, don’t worry I’m not mad. You have my trust.

KAORI: But, why did you ask? How did you know about that?

MIDORI: Ah, nothing. I’m just asking no particular reason at all.

Sunday: 2pm.

MIDORI: Ri-chan, I’ll go ahead! I need to do something.

KAORI: ah, ok. Ittarashai. (keep safe)

Kaori is watching action movie. But, her thoughts weren’t really there.


What am I going to do on our date?



Kaori wears t-shirt and pants. And by 6:30 she was about to leave when…


KAORI: Hello? *picked up the phone*

MIDORI: It’s me, Mi-chan. There is something I want you to know.

KAORI: What is it? Why are you huffing like that?

MIDORI: Uh-uhmm, your mom. There is something happened to her.

KAORI: What?! Where is she? And how about my—

She stopped because this is not important after all.

MIDORI: Don’t worry; she’s at your house. Please, I know she needs you. And regarding to your date, I will inform him that you won’t be able to come.

KAORI: Are you sure?

MIDORI: Yes, Ri-chan, so please, hurry up and go. Bye.

KAORI: Uhmm, Mi—

But, the other line hung up.

When it comes to her family, she never had second thoughts, so she went hurriedly to Kanagawa to visit her mom’s condition.

On the other hand, at the amusement park…

KOUICHI: Oh my! You’re always late, Yana-chan! Where are you?

MIDORI: Ah, I’m sorry I’m late, Yamada-kun.

KOUICHI: You’re super late, Ya—Tachibana-san?! Why are you—?

MIDORI: Ri-chan won’t come!

KOUICHI: Huh?! But we have a deal! This is our date.



MIDORI: Why are you always like this? Aren’t you happy that I’m here?

KOUICHI: It’s not like that! But, Yana-chan is supposed to be my date and not you.

MIDORI: I don’t get you! Do you love me or her?



KOUICHI: I said I love her, I love Yana-chan, so where is she?

MIDORI: I never embed grudge to Ri-chan but, I envy her. You know what, ever since were kids, I envy her because she was strong even if she’s 8 years old so, I want to be like her. I used to practice judo at home. And when middle school started, I said to Ri-chan that I want to join the judo club where she planned to join. But, then I met you. At first, I envy Ri-chan because you’re always teasing her that made me seen that way that you and her were close and made me an outcast. But, that envy disappeared when I was informed that you and I were engaged. I said to myself that I don’t have to worry anymore because you will be mine forever, that I have already found my happiness and consider myself luckier than anyone else especially to Ri-chan. But, why did this happen? Why in all of this, Ri-chan was always chosen over me? What did she have that I don’t have? I really don’t understand!

KOUICHI: You know Tachibana-san, you and Yana-chan were great friends. I envy the two of you, really, because I lost my friends so, even if our life will change, friends will never change, they have been, they are and will always be friends. But, don’t ever compare yourself to Yana-chan, the two of you have different personalities, even if there are some that are same, remember that all people has their uniqueness.

MIDORI: So, what are you trying to say?

KOUICHI: That you and Yana-chan were same. You both possessed good qualities.

MIDORI: So, why didn’t you choose?

KOUICHI: Ok. I will tell you something. Money can’t buy our happiness. Tell me, when you first heard that you’ve been engaged, what did you feel? Did you feel happy?

MIDORI: I got angry with my father but that’s when I didn’t know that he and you were the same.

KOUICHI: See? If I’m not that guy, would you be happy? Would you accept the marriage?

MIDORI: No. of course not. Because he is not the guy I love.

KOUICHI: That is what I want you to realize.


KOUICHI: I like you too, Tachibana-san but only as a friend but, I like Yana-chan more than a friend. what I’m trying to say is, she is my happiness. I don’t know why, but whenever I see her, she keeps my spirits so high and she made me laugh all the time even if all she did in my front is piss off.

MIDORI: But, how about the contract? How about my happiness?

KOUICHI: Don’t worry, that was void.


KOUICHI: I’m sorry, Tachibana-san but the name written in the contract was not me at present because I changed my name and the Hanasawa is my middle surname which is my mom’s surname. And my mom said that was an option if I can’t find mt happiness. But, regarding to what you ask earlier, about your happiness, may I ask you, what is you happiness? Or must I say, who is your happiness? Is that supposed to be me or Yana-chan?

MIDORI: Huh? What do you mean?

KOUICHI: I know you love her more than me, right?


KOUICHI: Don’t deny it. I always see you and Yana-chan talking and you always offering your lap to be her pillow whenever you saw her tired. And when she’s asleep, you were always saying that ‘don’t worry Ri-chan, I will always be there for you like you always do, even if these little things, I hope it will help you. You know, I never tell you this when you’re awake but I always tell this when you’re asleep that Ri-chan, you are my happiness because you’re the only one who accept me for who I am. I am very grateful that I found you, that we met, and accept me as your best friend. I love you, Ri-chan, my greatest happiness’, and then kissed her on her forehead.

MIDORI: Uhmm, (bends her head down) You’re right, I never said those words to her personally, I mean whenever she is awake because I was shy back then. You know what, I understood what you’re explaining to me and thank you for making me remember those moments. You’re right, I love you but I love Ri-chan more than you. All I want to do now is to give her the happiness she deserves. I want her to be happy and I want to give her that. So, I shall going to sacrifice I know Ri-chan loves you too.

KOUICHI: Really? (shocked)

MIDORI: Of course she does. I can see that in her eyes. But, of course she will be the one who will say that to you. And what I only did is ruined your date.

KOUICHI: What do you mean?

MIDORI: I’m sorry Ri-chan and I’m sorry too Yamada-kun. Bu, I set this up. I lied to Ri-chan, I said that her mom’s sick because I clearly know that when it comes to her family, she will not have second thoughts instead she will go there immediately. Bu, the truth is, aunt (Kaori’s mom) doesn’t have sickness.

KOUICHI: How could you—?

MIDORI: I know that what I did is wrong but I don’t have a choice back then. I wanted you to be mine but then, after you explained everything, I regretted what I did. Really, I’m very sorry.

Midori cried but Kouichi walked closer to her and hugged her.

KOUICHI: Don’t worry, I know what you felt that time. But, I’d like you to know that I don’t have any regrets not because you lied but because I am happy that I was able to explain these things to you. *still hugging her* I just want to thank you for loving me and I’m sorry because I can’t return the love you deserves.

MIDORI: No, Yamada-kun, just promise me you will never hurt my precious Ri-chan and that you will love her with all your heart. With that, I will be satisfied. So, let go off me now. Hurry up and go to Kanagawa where Ri-chan went and please explain everything to her on my behalf.

He let go off her.

KOUICHI: You don’t have to worry, I will promise you that I will take good care of her and I will love her with all my heart. Thank you, Tachibana-san. And, ok I will explain everything to her, Mi-chann. Can I call you with that? Because my impression to you has changed; and I also realized that you are not different to us with Yana-chan, so?

MIDORI: Of course you can. Alright, that’s enough. If you will not follow her by now, I will change my mind and take you away from her again.

KOUICHI: Ah. *mildly laughs* Ok, ok, take care then, Mi-chan.

He ran away while waving his hand as his goodbye to her and vice versa.

MIDORI: Good luck to you, Yamada-kun and I hope you will forgive me, Ri-chan.




KAORI: Oh, my, this bus is taking too long. Mom, wait for me.

She can’t wait any longer so, she went out of the bus and decided to run when…() her phone received a message. She opened and read it:

“I’m really, really sorry, Ri-chan. I hope you can forgive me. I’m sorry! He’s right, you’re my greatest happiness. All I want is for to be happy. Remember, I was very grateful that I found you and became my best friend. I’m sorry for all the bad things I’ve done to you. I’m sorry, please wait for him. I love you, Ri-chan!”

She didn’t understand why Mi-chan had to tell her those things. And who is he that she will going to wait?

She continued to run until  she reach the beach that almost near to Kanagawa. She decided to stop there for a while.

KAORI: *sigh* The view here is as great as before. *sigh* I swear that I will going to fulfill our dreams, Mom and Chiyo. *sigh*

She decided to run again because it seems that the traffic will stay longer when…

KOUICHI: You know, when you sigh, your happiness escapes?

She almost swept off her feet when she heard that very familiar voice. So, she turned to him.

KAORI: What are you doing here? I thought Mi-chan went there to tell you that I wasn’t be able to come?

KOUICHI: Yes, she did.

KAORI: Then, why are you here? How did you know that I’m here?

KOUICHI: Relax. (he tapped her shoulder)

KAORI: Relax? My mom is currently suffering from sickness; I don’t have time to relax! Bye!

She was about to leave when he held her hand.

KOUICHI: Don’t worry, that’s not true.

KAORI: Huh?!

KOUICHI: Mi-chan told me that your mom isn’t ill. She said, sorry for all the bad things she had done to you. As a matter of fact, I already told her about the contract.

KAORI: What about it? Ah, don’t answer it, I don’t care anyway.

She pulled her hand to him but he didn’t let her go.

KOUICHI: I said it was void. I said that I love you the most.


Why is my heart thumping like this? It was like it wants to jump out of my chest. I don’t know what to say. Will you please saying those kind of words to me?

KOUICHI: But, don’t worry, she already accepted us.

KAORI: Huh?!

Because of what she heard, she turned to him unexpectedly with her eyes widened curiously. And she also retrieved her hand.

It started to rain.

KAORI: What do you mean by that?

KOUCHI: Like I’ve said a while ago, I told her that I love you.

KAORI: Why did you do that? You know how much Mi-chan loves you. Please don’t do this to her.

KOUICHI: Don’t you ever think your own happiness?

KAORI: My happiness?

KOUICHI: You know, Mi-chan said to me that you are her greatest happiness. She can’t say it to you personally because of her shyness. I know I don’t have the right to tell you but, she requested me. She was very sorry because she lied to you. She only did that because she loves me, she wanted me to stay forever in her life. But when I asked her the same question, she realized that you are her greatest happiness. She said she loves me but, she loves you more than me. And then she realized that all she wanted to do now is to give you the happiness you deserve. All she wants is for you to be happy. So, she was hoping that you will forgive her despite of all the bad things she said and done to you.

Kaori’s tears began to fall together with the pouring of rain.

KOUICHI: So now, I will ask you one more time, what or who is your happiness?

Kaori didn’t answer right after he asked that. It took minutes.

KAORI: My family. They are my greatest happiness. I want to give them the best that will make their lives easier. Mi-chan is also one of my greatest happiness because she gave me the strength whenever I felt like I’m losing hope and ahm…wait a minute, why are you asking these things to me?

KOUICHI: You wanna know why?

KAORI: If you don’t mind?

KOUICHI: Of course just like you, my family is one of my greatest happiness too. But, when I lost my friends, I thought I am not be able to find my second happiness again, until you came. When I first saw you, there’s something inside me saying I should protect you but, I don’t know why. Until, days have passed and I didn’t do nothing but look at you everytime I got a chance to see you. So, when I notice the Class Section Bulletin and saw our names in the same section, I felt really happy. I know this is not new to you that I teased you everytime we crossed to each other but, I only made that as an excuse to be able for you to see me. And I also felt that I really like you when I hugged you whenever thunder struck. And now that I got the chance to declare my feelings to you, I won’t stop until I get no reply from you. I want you to be mine. I promise that I will take good care of you as well as to your family. I will also love you with all my heart. So, please don’t consider me as one of the boys you have perceived in your mind because I’m not like them.


I really don’t know what to say? But, one thing is on my mind right now and that thing is the continuous loud and fast beating of my heart. Because of this, I didn’t hear some of the words he said but, I know that right now, I felt that he also became a special person in my life.

KAORI: Honestly, I am very happy to hear such words from you. From the beginning, I convinced myself that you were just an annoying brat who always wants to tease everyone you like because you thought that was fun. So, I acted more mature and pretend that I don’t care. But, after what happened before and during our competition, I don’t know why but, I kept thinking about you. And, I also don’t know why, but when you are near to me and even I’ve got to see you far behind me, my heart keeps thumping like crazy.

KOUICHI: So, you were saying…

KAORI: Yes, I think I like you too, stupid Yamada!

KOUICHI: You finally said it! But, why like only? I thought you were gonna say you love me?

KAORI: You’re so blunt!

KOUICHI: Of course, I am!

Her world stopped for a moment when she felt her lips being occupied by his lips. But, this time, she was happy to be kissed because this kiss of them was real unlike the kiss  she made back then and the kiss he gave her, it made her realize that she doesn’t like him but rather love him with all her heart. When they decided to separate…

KOUICHI: I want to hear it again. Please say it again, that you like me. Don’t worry, I will wait for the right time that you will be able to say you also love me, because being able to hear that you also like me was such a great words to hear from you. So, please grant my little wish.

She mildly laughed when he said that.

KAORI: As always. You always made me to be honest with you, huh? *clears throat* (touches his face and had an eye-to-eye contact with him) I love you, Kouichi and if I know what love is, it is because of you.

KOUICHI: *blushes* You always surprised me! *smiles* (hugged her) I promise to love and cherish you forever. ‘I love you’ is not enough to describe my feelings for you but, you make me feel like I am the luckiest and blessed guy in the world to have you in my life.

KAORI: You made me feel that way too.

Rain has finally stopped and under the dark skies, together with the continuous opening of the lights beside them, like the endless waves of the sea, they kissed each other as if there is no tomorrow waiting for them.




Midori got the chance to go to Kanagawa to talk to Kaori’s mom. She told everything what she did. She expected to be scold or even to be get out of the house but, none of these happened. Kaori’s mom was a very understanding person just like Kaori so, she forgave Midori right after she explained everything.




They decided to go to Kaori’s house for Kouichi to be formally introduced to Kaori’s mom when they unexpectedly saw Midori happily chatting with her mom and Chiyo. When Midori saw them, she ran to Kaori and said sorry properly. And, as expected, she also forgave her right after she said sorry; she didn’t let her finish the explanation because she hugged her without hesitation.

The couple also decided to visit Kouichi’s parents on the next day for their approval and they were not disappointed because his parents joyfully accepted the relationship of the two. Happy ever after, isn’t it? :)

© Copyright 2020 yoshiko. All rights reserved.

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