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This is not a script, but the plot and bible for the film itself. This was conceived in my mind as an origional idea.

But, some people have noted that it is similar to the TV show "Battlestar Galactica", I can say that without a doubt this is in no way based off of BSG. However, after viewing a few episodes, it seems as if this film could be attributed to the saying used in BSG "All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again." Regardless, I hope you enjoy it!

This isn't meant to be a perfect read, I'm sure that there are still a few problems!

Submitted: January 28, 2009

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Submitted: January 28, 2009



Filming Bible
  • Time Period: September 18, 2020 to November 1, 2020

  • Important Note: There are NO Aliens in this plot, and there never should be.

  • Plot (Part One of Three): In 2012, certain corporations have the ability to create their own humans, nearly perfect besides some genetic identifiers, and can have them grow from any period in their lives. To start life as a baby, a teen, or an adult. This all goes awry when a group of these humans created for long term study in society rebel in a war that lasts one year. During this year, the artificial human create spacecraft to send them to what they believe to be their new home: Enceladus, a moon of Saturn which houses a large underwater sea. In the year 2013, the artificial humans launch themselves to Enceladus under a cloud of secrecy, leaving only an armistice and a few artificial humans behind, to seize control one day. In 2020, the remaining artificial humans have remained in contact with the ones beneath the surface of Enceladus. Through this time, the artificial humans have grown in knowledge, and are superior to humans in that sense. They have created an entire civilization under the seas of Enceladus, with over twenty airtight cities. They've also discovered raw materials in the surface of the moon, including Uranium. Through the short years, they have amassed a fleet of ships in space, most used only to travel between the moons of Saturn for mining. They have also constructed two others for delivering nuclear weapons to Earth.

  • Major characters that are artificial humans include (The artificial humans have only a first name, because they have no “family”):

  1. Jack- Left on Earth as a spy, he joins the Outer Space Warfare branch of the US Army in order to sabotage the humans resistance in space when the artificial humans attack. He works on the Capricorn.

  2. Amanda- Left on Earth as a spy, she remains on Earth as a civilian.

  3. Ali- On Enceladus, she is commander of one of the ships that will nuke Earth.

  4. Jason- An artificial human child, representing the first step in their evolution. He is young, and has a small ability to read the thoughts of all other artificial humans.

  5. Jennie- Also on Enceladus, commander of second ship to nuke Earth.

  6. Frank- Considered the “High Priest” of the artificial human religion, which is a form of extremist Christianity.

  • Plot (Part Two of Three): On September 18, 2020, Joshua Kingston, Amanda, and Kyle Bell are on a sub-light transport (Supports five people, including the captain and pilot), which can travel at a high speed of .7 FLT (Faster Than Light), which is .3 STL (Slower Than Light), to New Miami, Mars. (These transports are so fast that they can reach mars within a day and a half.) On the way, the artificial humans begin their attack on Earth. As the attack goes on, word gets out about the attack and is intercepted by the transport. Knowing that they have no protection in case they are attacked, they consider flying as fast as possible to Mars. Suddenly, more traffic comes in about an attack on Mars. After continuing to listen to comm traffic, they hear orders from the American military to one of three Space Warships, which are large spacecraft controlled by crew of 150, meant to nuke cities, shut down power, and destroy satellites of enemy countries from space. The orders tell the warship, which is named “Capricorn”, to converge on the enemy ship nuking Earth, and to destroy it. It is the closest ship in range, currently taking a science survey on the dark side of the moon, and it should take it a few hours to get within fighting range of the enemy ship. Everyone on the transport decides to fly back to Earth and ask for the protection of this ship. They turn around and are able to intercept the Capricorn 10 minutes before it reaches fighting range. After getting aboard, they are able to speak with the commander of the vessel.

  • Major Characters that are human:

  1. Admiral Jacob Hammond- Commander of the Capricorn.

  2. Colonel Peter Jefferson- XO of the Capricorn

  3. Lieutenant Allison Kennedy- Navigation Officer

  4. Lieutenant Raymond Johnson- Weapons Officer

  5. Lieutenant Jack- Communications Officer

  • Plot (Part Three of Three): After talking with Commander Hammond, he is finally convinced to leave Earth behind and run for the moon in order to make plans for a counter-assault. While on the way to the moon, he asks everyone from the transport about anything they may be able to do to help. Joshua Kingston works with computers on Earth, Amanda says that she also works with computers. (This will later be used as a plot device for her sabotaging of the computer systems on the Capricorn) Kyle Bell is revealed to be a religious leader (A fictional religion called New Age Buddhism), and the pilot and captain of the transport both say they don't know anything besides flying that would help the situation. Commander Hammond orders bunks to be set up for Joshua, Amanda, and Kyle with the rest of the crew. The pilot and captain of the transport are given guest quarters. (they aren't seen again.) After finally reaching the moon's orbit, a meeting is held between Jacob, Peter, Joshua, Amanda, and Kyle. In this meeting, plans for any future tactical movements are discussed. It is revealed that at last check, Earth had been reverted to a state where any life on it would die from nuclear exposure, and it would be a great risk to land there or pick up survivors. After a heated debate, Commander Hammond decides to organize any civilian ships in space, and get them as far away as possible. Detailed plans involve the Capricorn leaving the moons orbit, hopefully getting a head start against the artificial humans (if not, then the flight would be pointless), flying directly to Mars, picking up anyone along the way. When finally reaching Mars, it would be determined if it was safe to pick up survivors from the surface. After that, the Capricorn would leave the solar system in a pattern that would allow it to intercept any signals from other vessels. Once out of the solar system, it would attempt to find the human race a new home. As soon as the Capricorn is positioned to begin its journey it detects one of the artificial human ships advancing towards it, with 10 minutes until intercept. Most of the crew begins to lose hope, but Commander Hammond suddenly discovers a solution. He informs the crew that the ship is equipped with a “Kelvin Device”, he explains that this device is only on the Capricorn, and is known only to the commander to exist. It creates a temporary wormhole in space, allowing the ship to travel through it once and destabilize it on the other side, destroying the wormhole. The technology is to be used only if necessary, because effects on health and space in general are not known. Commander Hammond tells Lt. Kennedy how to activate the device, make calculations to send them to Mars, and do it quickly, and she estimates it will take a few minutes to power up. Lt. Johnson reports that the artificial human ship is almost within attack range, and that a fight is inevitable. Commander Hammond tells him to begin preparations for an attack. Lt. Johnson reports that the ship has over a hundred nukes, and at over a million shells for turrets on the ship. Commander Hammond orders him to load the shells and only use a nuke if necessary. Almost immediately Lt. Johnson reports that the artificial humans are within firing range and are launching a nuke. He scurries at his console attempting to move the ship so he can activate the turrets. By the time he activates them the nuke is closing on the Capricorn, and when the shells destroy it, it destabilizes the computer systems on the Capricorn. Commander Hammons orders Amanda to reactivate the system. She quickly gets to work as the Capricorn blindly fires shells (which are impacting the artificial human ship), finally Amanda gets the system online. The rest of the crew doesn't see her as she slips a small device into the computer before walking away and exchanges a smile with Jack. Meanwhile, on the artificial human ship, Ali is controlling it from a central hub area, while Jason is sitting in a hub area. Suddenly, Jason stands up and turns to Ali. He tells her about Amanda's sabotaging of the ship with a computer virus. Ali compliments him, and walks out of the room. She walks into another room where Frank is meditating. She asks him for guidance and he tells her that it is in the lords plan that she will find her answers. When she asks about this Frank stands up and turns to her, telling her that the lord has spoken to him, and that she must be prepared to do anything needed to destroy the human race. When she questions his logic he slaps her in mid-sentence, sending her falling to the floor. He tells her that if she questions the lords logic again she will die by his hand. She stands up, bows, and leaves. When she gets back to the hub she orders the computer to fire only shells and to cancel the nukes. She then sits down and begins losing her composure as Jason watches from his hub. On the Capricorn, Lt. Kennedy reports the Kelvin Device is ready for use, and Commander Hammond tells her to activate it. In space, the Capricorn creates a wormhole beneath it, and turns to fly in. On the ship, everyone looks nervous as the ship slowly begins to lose brightness. In space, the ship begins to shrink as it flies into the wormhole, which then collapses into itself with a blue haze. The Capricorn is sent over a period of about five seconds through a long, curving, blue tunnel. When it reaches the end it emerges on the other side, the same way it entered. A blue haze forms, then a circle forms, and the Capricorn regains its size as it exits. As it completely leaves, the wormhole collapses in a blue haze. After a minute, it's confirmed that they've reached Mars. A quick scan reveals that the artificial human ship that nuked Mars has already left, presumably towards Earth. When the surface is scanned to find New Miami, the only city on Mars, nothing comes back. This puzzles everyone, until the Capricorn receives an automated audio transmission. The transmission tells that most of the city is destroyed, but the artificial humans just keep nuking them. The transmission ends when the person recording it says that another nuke was just dropped. Then there is static. The idea is mentioned by Kyle that some people may have escaped in space suits. A fight is caused when it is mentioned that it would be impossible to find them, and that they have to be left behind. A day passes. The next day, everyone is slow and morbid. No contact has been made by anyone. Suddenly, everyone is astonished when they receive a transmission, Lt. Jack soon identifies it as a human ship and opens the transmission. The transmission states that the ship has just left behind three other vessels shortly out of Mars' orbit. This news is greeted with celebration, as Commander Hammond tells them to bring the ships back to the Capricorn. Later, the commanders of each ship meet to discuss further action. Commander Hammond tells his idea, but it is regarded by some of the others as much too dangerous. Commander Hammond disagrees with them, citing the survival of the human species as the reason they should look for other survivors instead of running away immediately. However, his idea is brought down even more when one of the other commanders mentions that they may never get another chance to run away. Finally, it is agreed that they will make a wormhole jump to the Kuiper Belt, which is outside of Pluto's orbit. Before leaving, they will broadcast a message on all civilian frequencies about their location, and the amount of time they will remain in the Kuiper Belt. This is agreed on, and the commanders each return to their own ships. Soon after, the Capricorn begins calculating the coordinates for the wormhole creation. It's discussed that as long as the Capricorn is the last ship to leave the wormhole should remain open, because the Capricorn itself is generating it. Minutes before the wormhole is about to be formed, an anomaly appears on the radar. This is revealed to be a wormhole opening on the other side of Mars. Soon, the one anomaly morphs into two, both of which identify as artificial human in origin, they will be able to attack the ships within a minute. It looks like they'll be able to escape this without a problem when the navigation computer suddenly dies. Commander Hammond asks Amanda if she can fix it, and without doing much of anything she says it's unfixable. Suddenly, Joshua motions her out of the way and gets to work. It's discovered that a computer virus is causing the system to fail. Joshua says he can fix it by creating a seperate directory and ordering the virus to attack it, which will buy them the time they need to get to the Kuiper Belt, after that they'll need to reboot the system, which is an 8 hour procedure. While Joshua creates the directory, the artificial human ships enter attack range. Commander Hammond orders a shell and nuke assault on both ships. While the attack goes on, Joshua gets the navigation computer back online, and Lt. Kennedy is able to open up the wormhole immediately. As soon as it's open, the other ships begin entering, except one. Lt. Jack attempts to contact it, but it's communications are down. Lt. Johnson reports that its engines are out too. Commander Hammond orders Lt. Kennedy to attempt to latch on to it and pull it through the wormhole. Suddenly, the disabled ship is hit by a nuke, destroying it. Lt. Kennedy turns the ship to enter the wormhole, while Lt. Johnson stops firing weapons. The Capricorn enters the wormhole and it closes behind them. On the other side, the Capricorn emerges, and as the wormhole closes comm traffic begins about the missing ship. Commander Hammond turns to Lt. Jack and asks for a casualty report. The destroyed ship was carrying 3,528 people. After making an announcement to the entire fleet of ships, Commander Hammond sets the Capricorn in orbit of Pluto, waiting for any ships. A lot of time passes, it is November 1. Five ships have joined up with the Capricorn, and some last minute materials were gathered from an automated mining station on Pluto. According to Lt. Kennedy, the artificial humans will surely find the fleet unless they begin moving quickly. Commander Hammond orders the fleet to begin moving out of the solar system, and opens up a channel to each radio in the fleet and gives a speech about the mission to find a new home. The fleet them begins moving forward, into deep space. On an artificial human ship, Jennie, Ali, and Frank are meeting to discuss further action. Frank cites the lords will as his sole right to order them to pursue the humans. Jennie disagrees with him, and tells him he is a fool to trust in an invisible god. Frank asks her if she means this, and she nods her head. Frank then takes out a gun and shoots her, killing her. He turns to Ali, who is shocked, and asks her if she is prepared to pursue to the humans. She looks at him, trembling, and nods her head. Frank smiles, and tells her that the lord has a glorious plan for those who follow him. He then points the gun at her, and in a serious tone tells her that those who deny him will never see his glory, frightening her. He puts the gun down, and smiles at her again, telling her that it will all play out, before turning and leaving. Ali walks over to Jennie and starts kneeling down towards her body, when she suddenly stops herself. She stands back up, and walks out of the room. The film ends.

  • The ending shot will be simply the scene after Ali leaves, with Jennie on the floor.

  • This film will be dark, gritty, and realistic.

  • The humans are all very secular, except the few who belong to a religion.

  • The artificial humans are strictly religious, following an extreme form of Christianity which is lead by Frank.

  • This film opens the door for others to be created.

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