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This was a long time ago .. in grade 7.

Submitted: October 09, 2010

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Submitted: October 09, 2010



First Kiss
I haven’t told any one this other than ,
My best friend This story it started off good until the ending
Had to come along which changed everything.
I wasn’t going to write about this then but I decided
I should write about it now. Who ever knew first kisses
Came along with tears your probably thinking he ended it
But your wrong he wasn’t the one who did I was
Honestly I don’t really know why but I think mostly
Because I thought that you didn’t like me anymore and
People said you were going to break up with me but
I shouldn’t of listen to them I should of asked you
Lets go back to the starting of the story,
Of the day he kissed me and I got my first kiss
It was during gym class that my best friend told me
You were going to kiss me and she told me to walk straight home
I don’t know why maybe she didn’t think I was ready
Which I wasn’t and I think he knew that
I didn’t listen I stayed I tried to force my self to go but I couldn’t
A part of me wanting to stay
I tried to tell him that I needed to talk to him,
He didn’t listen I think he thought I was going to kiss him
I moved my head first few times he tried until finally
It happened I have to admit that I was speechless
But then I think I left with my friends I honestly don’t remember
To tell you the truth I cried a lot my tear stained
Face and my feelings of I cant believe it happened
I left my friends house feeling good ready to go and talk
Online a friend yelled at me for kissing him I explained and
Got off determined to go to his house and say how I was feeling
I knocked on his door his step-dad answered
I started to cry and asked for him
He thought I was going to break up with him,
But he had it wrong I wasn’t and we talk about it
We went on a walk and well lets just say we kissed
A few more times
In the end a while after I did and it wasn’t pretty
I broke the necklace he gave me and I didn’t even
Brake up with him face to face it was though his step-dad
Your probably wondering why but it was because I though he
didn’t want to come to the door
Its been two years or so and it took me a while to let go of
What happened. I will always remember my first kiss and His name was Jakob

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