... Iloveyou

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Cant you see i love you ?

... Iloveyou
Here comes another love story
I’ll write I love you in your
Heart, I’ll be your one and only
If you promise me your be
My Romeo
When you say “I love you” I
Need you to promise me,
You won’t walk out that door
I feel it inside me my heart beating faster
As you take my Breath away
And now I’m barley breathing
 My Hands shaking head spinning
 Now can’t you see I’m in love with you?
Baby I know that it’s
Never going to be easy
But were going to have to try
Please open up your eyes
And tell me how your feeling
Maybe it’s only me
Fighting for something that I
 Know there’s a chance
That I might loose it
Because boy let me tell you something
When you look past
All the fights and everything else
You’re always going to find LOVE
And you’ll see I be right by your side

Submitted: December 09, 2009

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