father away( you go)away from me.

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Farther away (you go) away from me.
- I got the photos off of google and its off a girl from the band called evanescence.

Submitted: April 27, 2010

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Submitted: April 27, 2010



father away( you go)away from me.

I wished I could remember the memories;

As I use to before so well .

I wished I could remember how your voice sounded;

Because after time we were separated It disappeared slowly

I’ve cried a million times ; I tried to hide how I was feeling

But I knew that was unhealthy to bottle it in so

I stop right away and I started spending my time writing


Please hear me out and listen to what I’m; about to say

The lies and the truth got lost within the mess

And I just want to just let it go , let the past be past

I wished you knew how I felt,

All of those months but I don’t think you

Would understand and I’m slowly realizing that

I should give you a second chance to impress me

I could be wrong about this;

But Its worth giving it a shot because

With starry eyes; I see you disappearing

In front of my own eyes

Father away ( you go) away from me.

Can you see me standing there ?

Please wake me from the nightmare

How can such a wonderful dream turn into something

I fear

Or maybe im not even dreaming,

Time cannot erase everything,

Hand & hand we together faced our fears

And no matter how many of the tears

We shared together; we were still

There for one another though out the past

Years and you presence was always with me

I try to remember Everything and anything that

had happened; But its harder than I thought it would be

I willing to give you a second chance please

don’t take advantage of it .

Can you please look in my eyes again,

Because all the words I tried to explain

Lay right within my eyes And your see that I don’t want this

friendship to Fade away

So please show me you truly care,

And don’t waste your last and only

Second chance with me

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