Heart breaker

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I gusse this means goodbye but I will find someone else

Submitted: September 26, 2009

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Submitted: September 26, 2009



Heart breaker
You’re officially a heart breaker.
Or maybe I’m just wasting my time
Crying over you, You
 Were gone before the wind
Why dose it hurt like this?
Did you ever think of saying?
Goodbye …
Or were you to busy to think
If you come back I’ll be,
Over you and you won’t be getting.
A key to my heart, everyday
Your gone is another day
I’m over you, my heart was
 Never actually broken because
I realized that I’m wasting my time
Over someone who doesn’t care
Not one bit about me,
And all the tears I cried
Just helped me get over you.
And to think I spent my time waiting here
At this park bench for you
Until I realize you weren’t
 Good for me,
All I left for you is roses with
Most of The petals picked off

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