Heart-shaped love

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I promise you that ... I LOVE YOU.

Submitted: May 18, 2010

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Submitted: May 18, 2010



Heart-shaped love
My heart it beats for not only
You but your love that you have
For me but only me.
It lies within me and its Always there
its kind of Heart-shaped.
If you guessed my heart your correct.
When we kiss I feel a shiver down
My spin and your all mine .
Can you hear my heart as it pounds
And my heart lead me to you
But I don’t want it to be just another
Love story, I want this to last
When we say goodbye, My heart it aches
I truly do miss you when were apart,
Please don’t shatter my heart until it breaks
Until tomorrow comes so we can re-start
To a brand new day.
I love you no matter what ; I miss you whenever were apart,
I need you not to ever hurt me ; I want you right by my side
And most of all I promise you that I love you

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