Hidden Truth.

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is there anything i dont know?

Submitted: May 18, 2010

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Submitted: May 18, 2010



Hidden truth
I look at you and I know;
That all the words coming out of your
Mouth is going to be all the same
I heard it all before the new
And the old lies .
But yet you still seem to manage to
Find something to stir everything up
Like if it wasn’t bad enough .
I just want to put tape over your
Mouth and write LIES.
Because anything you say isn’t the truth,
You think you can just say
All of those hurtful things to me and
don’t expect me to say anything back
Yeah I agree that our fights
Get out of hand most of the time,
The only thing that’s new to me every time
Is the hidden truth.
I’m sick of it all and I give up
I’m wasting my time listening to it
And spending all this time talking about all
Of it when I can just walk away.
I’m just going to turn and
Walk away because that’s all Is left
For me to do to get out of this

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