In My Eyes.

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In My Eyes I see things differently then you see them.

Submitted: September 28, 2010

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Submitted: September 28, 2010



In My Eyes
In my eyes I see stuff differently
I look at myself in the mirror and most of
The time I see beauty it depends on the mood
I’m in at the time
In the inside I feel many emotions
Love, Angry, Hate, happy, Sad
It may not be all at once but don’t we all?
Feel that at a point of time
And In My Eyes I see that
When I connect my pencil to my notebook
I start to express myself and let my guard down
As my thoughts and feelings are not like yours,
I’m inspired by things you may not be
I let my heart and soul
Into my poetry
Even when things get chaotic
I know You will help me get though it
You’re my one and only savoir I have
In my opinion you’re my best friend
I could ever imagine having by my side
And when I close my eyes for a glimpse
Of a second I begin to dream different scenes
I dream of love and many other things
Sometimes it will be the same dream but different ending
But most of all I dream of you
And when I open my green eyes
It wakes me up into reality
Wishing my dream was only true
Because I just really want to be with you

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