Let Go...

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It time to move on and let go !

Submitted: April 07, 2010

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Submitted: April 07, 2010



let go
Your words come out faster then you can say hello
Have you satisfied your ego yet; or have you
Just started ?
Its really important for me to get out
All of these things I have been holding in for
a long time now
Oh how Its very valuable for me to let go
I hope not only myself realizes that
I’ve been up all night, pacing
Back in forth talking to the friends
That really matter to me trying to find
The answers I’ve been searching for
All I wanted was everything
Back into its original place to where it was before
But that chance has past
I’m sitting here alone; confused
I’ve been thinking a lot lately
My words just echo back to me
But I’m okay there’s nothing to worry about
I cant go back to relive everything
Or to fix every moment that went wrong
When I was with the people from the past
Only I can move forward and follow my own path
Goodbye to the bad times; its time for me
To move forward into the future
This was just all full of big mistakes that I learned from
And I wont ever look back there’s no point

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