Looking Up.

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We all fall down sometimes but its getting back up that is diffuclt for us

Submitted: October 11, 2010

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Submitted: October 11, 2010



Looking up
We all fall down sometimes but we have to find our
Way to get back up and keep moving forward
When I’m falling I wont let go and if I hit the bottom
I will get back up when I have a bad day I will just look up
Because I know it’s not as bad as I think and
there’s better days to come everyone has
there secrets to tell
I want to be known as myself someone who makes
Mistakes and is not perfect
I would like people to listen to my point of view and not judge
Its going to be better I just have to keep looking up
I’m going to speak the thoughts
Running though my mind because if I wait
Too long then it maybe too late to say them
I may not be happy twenty four seven but that’s okay
It makes people see my imperfections and realize people
Have their up’s and there downs in there life but
If you just stay positive and believe there are better days
To come and keep your head held high
Then you will feel a lot better about yourself
Just keep looking up things will get better in time,
Life is only about learning new things
Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way
Or maybe we don’t always realize what’s in front of our eyes
All the time but that’s why we have to learn these things
I will take a deep breath say how I’m feeling at
The moment and never keep it in because there’s
Always some willing to listen to your story,
you just have to trust them enough to let them in

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