My Heart's Expression ..

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Allison had a heartbreaking brake up in the past although she was the one who ended it and now she doesn’t know when she will find what true love really means. She also has a fear that nothing last forever and she only tells her best friend ( Sophie) who is like a sister to her she’s the only one who knows. Her best friend think she’s going to get married first maybe true love will come sooner then she thinks.
Ethan - He comes into her life and changes everything , for the good that is . She knows her really well and as you guessed it they start dating . As Allison tells him secrets she knows and trust him enough that he will keep them.

Submitted: October 10, 2010

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Submitted: October 10, 2010



My heart's expression …
Piece Of My Heart ..?
Piece of my heart goes out to you.
Its because I will love you enough to trust
You with it but I’m not posting my heart out this is not some kind
Of an add so someone can come and break a piece
Clockwork love you can relate love to clocks
Because sometimes clocks don’t always work
Just like love dose, but I know if two don’t try
Thing it comes crumpling down into to a disaster
Someday love will find me and ill be waiting,
For it and I will keep my heart open to it
I will be patient more than ever because it might
To be as far away as I think
Love is not perfect but what is perfect ?
You have to know if you really like a person,
Trust a person enough to know that you really do
Love them, I have to know the right time to give
My heart to a person and say I love you too
To my heart leads million secrets,
To my heart leads to a caring person
To my heart leads true feelings for you
From my heart to you says how I’m really do like you
To you I leave you my heart that has been broken
But I know you wouldn’t do that and even if it did
You would fix it
Who knows maybe I’m suppose to wait
and not push it this word L-O-V-E is unknown
But I will never stop looking for it because its just to
Hard not to.
My name is Allison and this is my heart’s expression.
Hey, Sophie how are you ? I said
Hey Allison I’m great how about you Sophie said
I hope today is fun since its almost the weekend and I’m good myself I said
Yeah same here, but I’m going to go to my locker and head for class Sophie said
Okay see you in fourth period I said
As I walk to class I think how lucky Sophie is since she and her friend .. No wait I’m just going him her boyfriend have each other . I’m really happy for her and I love hearing all the stories she tells me. Little part of me is jealous because I want a great guy just like that but I know my time will come .. Or at least I hope. I’m also glad that me and Sophie have a class together we can only have open courses together since she’s in academic and I’m not. I’m thinking about all of this as I head to my first period. My first two classes go by so fast I don’t know if its just because its just Thursday or not. Anyways I meet up with my friends for lunch and we walk to my house we usually go . Even lunch speeds by fast and now were headed back for school. Third period was fun we watch a movie and it was pretty funny. I always look forward to fourth not just because its fun but it’s the class Sophie and I have together. Sophie has three reasons why she likes this class which are : Me, its fun and because her friend ( I mean boyfriend) is in this class. Today was the day we find out our partners for a upcoming assignment that we will be working on for the next week or so and my partner of course is Sophie. The next day I follow the same morning routine and go to class. In third we were partnered up for a small project and that’s when I meet him. My teacher partnered me up with Ethan and not going to lie but he is pretty good looking. We talked about the project and other stuff that has nothing to do with our project. He’s a great guy and he is pretty funny, nice, don’t let me forget attractive . Ethan thought to him self as he was working with Allison on there small project about how funny, nice and amazing she was and glad the he got partnered up with her. After working on our small project for a couple days and the due date coming close I began to think maybe I really do like Ethan and although I tried telling myself that I didn’t I knew it wasn’t true. The one person I knew I had to tell was Sophie I needed her advise because I kind of wanted to tell Ethan but then I didn’t want to take the chance of wrecking our friendship. After school I called Sophie up .
Hey Sophie what are you up to ? I said
Hey and nothing really you ? Sophie said
I have something I have to tell you I said
Okay and hey do you want to come over ? Sophie asked
Yes, then I can tell you in person what I want to say I said
I leave my house after asking permission and walk to Sophie’s house. She opens the door and says hello. My reply was I think I might like someone as I walk in. We go to sit down on the couch in the living room and talk.
Really who is it tell me everything Sophie said
His name is Ethan he is in my third period class and were partners for this small
Project were working on, he is really funny , he is nice, good looking and at first I only liked him as a friend until I got to know him more I don’t know what to do. I said
I think maybe you should tell him how you feel but then I don’t know him,
So I don’t what he is going to say you know ? Sophie said
I know what you mean but I don’t know how to tell him though and I don’t want
To make it awkward between us either I said
Yeah, I know what you mean well I think you should start off by saying something like hey I want to tell you something but I don’t want to make it awkward or ruin our friendship … Sophie said
Yeah I think I might say that and then tell him thanks I said
Today is Monday and I’m going to tell Ethan how I feel. I thought about it all weekend and I think it’s the right time to tell him. I don’t know what he is going to say back but I hope it doesn’t make anything awkward and I hope Sophie’s advise works out good. I cant wait until third period.
I started off the way Sophie said I should
Ethan looked at me the whole time I was talking
Okay I just really don’t want this to ruin our friendship or anything .. I said
It wont I promise please tell me Ethan said
How do I say this I … umm I like you a lot I hope this doesn’t make things awkward now that I told you this I finally said
and then he said something ill never forget No you didn’t make the at all awkward, and this wont ruin our friendship I’m glad that the teacher partnered me up with you because I liked you for a while now Ethan said, Also I don’t know how to ask you because well you’re my best friend but will you go out with me ?
I was speechless I didn’t’ know what to say
A little while after…
I have to say that Ethan and I have been dating for a while now and everything is just great. I know I can trust him enough that he will keep it enough to tell him my secrets and fears. I really do like Ethan a lot and I know he likes me back. I will never forget all the nice things Ethan says to me and I can tell he cares about me a lot . I hope that were together for a really long time because he is a really great guy.Allison there’s something I want to say to you write now, that I really do mean it when I say it because you mean a lot to me and I want to say that I Love you Ethan said With tears in my eyes, I knew he knew that I felt the same way I love you too, Ethan I really like you a lot too and I know I can trust you with whatever I tell you Also There’s not enough words to tell you how I feel about you.
Yes I said that was the only thing I could say I pulled Sophie in the hallway, told her everything of what happened in third and I could tell that she was happy for me. Allison you can tell me anything were friends remember ? Ethan saidhey I want to tell you something but I don’t want to make it awkward or ruin our friendship … I saidAs I walk to school usually I meet up with Sophie in the morning and she is my best friend who knows everything and anything. The weather is nice out today not too hot but not too cold and I like it. As I approach the school property and I see Sophie there waiting for me to come and she sees me and waves. I wave back and continue to walk over to her.

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