Not Worth It!

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I dont know why I even wrote about it but i did.

Submitted: October 09, 2010

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Submitted: October 09, 2010



Not Worth It
Please don’t go I would say it
But I don’t know if its worth it anymore
You haven’t called me or talked to me since our
Last phone of you telling me, you didn’t want to hang out
With me because apparently I was boring and all I do is sit
On the couch well honestly
That wasn’t right of you to call me, asking just for someone’s
Number and not even saying sorry for what you said to me,
And to be honest I don’t think its worth it to write
About it on pen and paper, you have been my friend for a while but
But now I don’t know anymore
You phone call surprised me of how it started
And even how it ended, I cant believe you
Well its not worth it, if your going to be like this
Then maybe I don’t want to be friends with you
After everything I have done for you this is how
You repay or treat me back now?
theirs is a point where I have to draw
The line and this might be the time
That I have to although part of me doesn’t want to
But I think it might be the right thing
If you decide to call me again,
It might go better with an apology because
I deserve one but if you wait to long it might be too late
To apologize to me, and I must admit it hurt a little bit
But it was just stupid I’m not going to worry
About it any longer its pointless
Just remember that it might be too late if you wait too long
To call and apologize

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