Outside Looking Into

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I havent wrote a poem in a while let alone posted it on my booksie page. This poem is basically about worrying and feeling like I worry to much about little things. PLEASE DONT COPY MY POEM IS MY WORK that is WRITTEN from MY HEART

Submitted: October 21, 2012

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Submitted: October 21, 2012



Outside looking into

On the outside looking in,

When I get time and my mind


Its when every possible horrible thought

comes rolling into my head;

I start to think of outragous senerious and endless thoughts

that keep coming and coming never seeming to stop

for a glimse of a second

Waiting for it all to stop but it feels never ending

Sometimes I really feel I worrie more than an average person

that my inner thoughts are over the top

If I could see myself looking in

I would be pounding on the unbreakable glass

that seperates us

the person on the inside wouldnt hear a sound

the person on the other side would be in a soundproof room

unable to hear the words out of my mouth saying stop

One of these times it will all come to a hault,

the one on the other side

so called unbreakable glass will be shattered

they will feel unbroken

they will feel the wait lifted of their shoulders

and realize they dont need to worrie their hearts out

their mind will be shut from the negativity

and become optimisic with their mind,heart and eyes wide open

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