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its in the past for a reason

Submitted: April 19, 2010

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Submitted: April 19, 2010



Hello future, I haven’t gotten a chance,
To imagine what it going to be like because
I’ve been lately trying to live in the present
But the past keeps on creeping unexpectedly
Its three in the morning, but sleep is now
The last thing on my mind ;
I look up at the dark sky wishing I can get
Off my mind so I, can close my eyes
and get some rest, so I can finally escape in
my dreams; but its harder than I thought
I’m not a butterfly I can just get up in move
The cold wind against my face,
I walk back and forth across the room and pace
I cant stand this anymore
Drifting father and farther apart
Maybe finally it will be over
Getting ready for my new and fresh start
I need to find my sweet and safest heaven
But I learned a lot from experiences
And I know I can turn around and walk away,
I know I no longer have to stay here
I turn away from my window,
And realized all the time I have wasted
On wondering what happened was useless
It happened big deal now
So no longer will I allow Myself to think;
so stupidly, I’m much stronger on my two feet
It was like I couldn’t see straight and
Now its all coming clear
Finally closing my eyes and
My dreams finally come to life well
In my mind anyway
* its in the past for a reason *

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