Poisonous Love.(Written by Me ANDJessica M Loken )

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Me and Jessica M Loken decided to write something together so here it is!! You can kind of see 2 messages in it...so yea Enjoy!! It was our first time so yea..not perfect but hopefully the next will blow your minds away! Thanks!

Submitted: September 28, 2009

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Submitted: September 28, 2009



I felt it pierce me then,
Standing in space.
the arrow through my heart,
The tears on my face.

My heart started beating,
As I stand here looking at you.
When did this happen?
I have no clue.

This stabbing pain in my chest,
As you break my heart into a million pieces.
A singletear runs down my face,
But you stand there telling me your sorry ?

I'm standing here speechless,
knowing thatI have to say goodbye.
But why doI love you so deeply ?
When your love is like a poison

Inside, I begin to die.

My thoughts begin to break,
As I feel my heart drop.
This pain I just couldn't take,
I thought maybe I had fought.

I felt the poison run through my veins,
Feeling nothing but pain.
Love is something lost,
As I stand here in vain.

I crumble beneath the earth,
feeling lost with know where to go.
Death was something chose,
I felt my heart go cold.

I though it was the perfect kiss,
Until i felt the poison setthrough my veins.
My heart begins to freeze still ,
Slowly I begin to loose a part of me.

Whyam i finding it so hard ?
To get over you when you turn my heart.
Into mushdidn't you love me or was that
Just for show, I guess I'll neverbe good enough
For youbut amI really lost without you....

I felt my breath catch in my throat,
As I looked at your beauty.
Then I knew,
My love was still true.

I wasn't sure what to do,
Seeing as what you said,
You wont undo.

I stand beside you,
Watching you,
As the poison begins to take its tole.

Leaving me nothing whole.

My body, and soul have finally crumbled.
Making my own death,
As I watched you from afar,
Laying gently in my grave,
knowing your watching me with a blank stare,

With my emotions oh so bare.


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