True Friendship.

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I dedicate this to my Best Friend Who i will not name.
You know Who you are!

Submitted: October 06, 2010

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Submitted: October 06, 2010



True friendship
When I looked at you as you were about to speak,
But I already knew what you were going to say
And I can easily finish your sentences off
I know you so well your more like my sister
Than A friend to me, I know all your secrets, fears,
likes and dislikes
I know when your lying when you say
I’m okay really I’m fine, I can see past the
Plaster smile you put on to hide that your upset
I hate to see you cry, but I’m the shoulder you cry on
I hate to see you hurt, I give you my advise then dislike the one who caused it
I know you hate to cry in front of others, but your comfortable
Enough to cry in front of me
Most of all I would hate it if you weren’t in my life
I know because I’m the same way, if we were to
Switch spots we would have the same list
We share stuff with each other that no one else knows
I don’t think we can ever get sick of each other and
It shows that we have a strong friendship because we never
Got into a single fight other than thinking we don’t look good today
Here we stand not in front of one another,
Not behind one another but beside one another
Going though the good and the tough times in our life
I would cry if, we never talked again
I would cry if, someone took your life away from you
I will cry with you when your upset
I will be angry at the people that hurt you

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