Youre Judging Eyes.

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This poem is about basically feeling like you are geting judge or being judge, everyones different for a reason no ones perfect our imperfections makes who we are, I hope you can relate to this i dont really know what else to write in this summary :)!

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



You’re Judging Eyes

You’re judging eyes pierce through me like knives,

Giving me chills right down to my spine

Why start criticizing everybody’s lives?

When you don’t even know

 Everyone’s baggage including mine

Your recurring stare

Leaving me uneasy

 When all you do is glare

I don’t even know what goes through your mind

Maybe it’s me overthinking it all

Then again…

Just one look in your eyes

Pierce through me like knives,

I can’t get over this

I’m trying to get away but my eyes

 Are unclear of the exists

I don’t want to feel this way,

You’re leaving me here feeling numb

I try to get away but my feet sadly stay

Your eyes are so haunting,

Trying to find unpromising peace

My hands start to shake

My head beings to wonder

How is this so easy for you?

Do you even realize you’re doing?

Then it all starts repeating

Over and over again

Will it happen every time you start feeling blue?

That’s my only clue

I’m so sick and tired of this

Trying to resist but I can’t seem

To get away

But todays the day,

My feet will slowly move

I got nothing to loose

My eyes won’t be interlocked in yours

Because todays the day

You’re judging eyes

 Won’t longer pierce through me like knives.

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