Killing One Side

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A half demon half human stuck between contsant transformation and trying to be normal.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



I'm stuck between a beast and the normal

I can't control myself

I've hurt so many

Blood has stained my hands

Those glaring eyes

Those salient claws

The long fangs

I can't take it

My mother,

 The one who birthed such a monster


I had killed the one i loved the most

Her beautiful curls no longer fall down her face

That bright smile will never lighten my day again

She's gone

Died by the hands of a monster

My father

That bastard

Indulging himself to my mother

Ravishing her permanently

Never to be pure again

I shall rid this earth of such a burden

I take my own life 

One less demon

One less monster

I shall be free

Here i fall from the building

Diving to the ground

Eyes stare up at me

Gasps go round

I hit the ground

I wasn't dead

I had deepened my internal wound

The human in me had just been erased



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