Long Lasting Little Bit of Everything Dream

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It was a dream i had this summer and suddenly i couldn't stop thinking about how dumb it was and that it made no sense at all.
p.s. I have nothing against russians. You guys are really cool.

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



My mother, my sisters, and I all sat in the living room having fun and telling jokes. Suddenly the door was kicked down. Russians were invading us. I pulled out my guns and defended us. The Russians retreated, but i wouldn't let them. I burst outside running with Edward and Jacob from Twilight. "We're going to be late," Jacob said. We kept running through the forest.


(My character changes to Edward) We reached the party, Bella stood next to me. Jacob was off somewhere in the large house. I conversed with the other vampires


(My character changes to Bella) "So you brought us a snack?" one of the vampires, Edward had been talking to, said.  "Were they talking about me?" I thought. Either way i walked away.


(Character changes to Jacob)Suddenly, there was a loud crash. Bella was running away. I ran after her with Edward.


(Back to my normal self) "so they were talking about me," I was running down the street. Why couldn't I run any faster? I jumped on Edward's back. I reached behind me and fought off the vampire trying to attack me and steal my blood. i hopped down from Edward's back. Immediately, i headed to the beach. I was quite hungry so i headed to Subway. I ordered pizza. That's strange. When did Subway start selling pizza? There was a lot of commotion outside. I, dying of curiosity, walked outside. Sharks! On land and they were walking! There was 5 of them.  An angry glare sat in all of their eyes. Instantly, they charged at me.

 I ran heading to my Ford Expedition. I started the truck and sped off. They followed me. I drove through buildings and houses until i reached a long and large brick wall. The only way to get across was the ladder. The ladder was very old  and ready to give.  I quickly climbed the ladder, avoiding the sharp teeth of the sharks and abandoning my beautiful truck.

A beautiful house sat off in the horizon. I ran towards it. A man stood on the front porch shirtless. I nearly fainted.  He was hot! Nicely tanned and he had abs. I was heaven. He noticed me standing there.  "Um uh... I'm lost," I said. "I am too. In your eyes," He said. Cheesy pick up lines, i hated them. Who falls for those? . "Um is it okay if i stay the night?" i asked. "sure." he replied. "Ok Yannie, you are about to spend the night with a hot stranger. Don't let your emotions get the best of you and don't get raped," I thought. "Come inside," He smiled. Slowly and cautiously, i walked in the house.

I woke up the next morning. "AAH! I'm going to be late for my family reunion!" I yelled. I packed my bags. Hey, where'd i get bags from? I thanked the really hot guy who was nicely tanned and had abs. My truck sat outside. When did that get here? I shrugged it off and got in the car. I started it and left.  I approached an obstacle. A really creepy mansion. Since there was no way around it, i had to get out and go through it. Zombies, zombies, zombies, and more zombies. I pulled out my water gun and started shooting. It was actually working.

I made my way through the mansion. My truck sat at the end. "What the... dang magical truck," I said. I got in and drove off. Finally, I reached the family reunion. everyone was being held hostage by Russians. I sighed . "Here we go again," I said.

The End


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