Mom's Pain

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A little incident happened Sat Jan7 and it inspired to write this

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



Glass hit the floor

The sound rang all the up stairs

We rushed to investigate

My mother in tears, sobbing

 She ripped the glass plates from the shelves

Miss Jacques, a friend whom we all love grabbed her and held her back

"No one loves me!" My mother shouted

But it was a lie

I'd risk the world for my mother

We all would

We were crying and screaming as she tried to throw Miss Jacques from her

But Miss Jacques held on

And did her best to comfort my mother

My Uncle punched and kicked the front door

Begging violently for entry

He went to the side of the  house and tore the screen from the living room window

He hung in the window screaming and shouting

We cried and screamed even louder

Miss Jacques held on for her dear life

 She was only half my mother's size

Confused, scared, and angry I ran

I ran up the stairs and into my mother's bedroom

I cried and screamed, ugly sobs

Slowly crawling into her bathroom and locking the door

I didn't want to be around this any longer


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