Noticing the Bad

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I was home alone at night not good for me

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



The noises and sounds

Not coming from the television

Pitter pattering across the floor

Dark shadows in the corners

The demons of the night at your door

Monsters roam downstairs

Everyone else is safe

Scattered about the city in groups

Leaving you alone

That's when they target you

Coming for you

Bringing out your utmost fears

Hiding them behind you

You hide beneath the sheets

Turn up the music

Flip through channels

It doesn't work they're out now

Waiting for you to join them

The house creaks under they're feet

Their limbs bang against thewall

The small ones crawl on the ceiling

Waiting to attack you from above

The covers aren't safe anymore

You avoid the mirrors

Your own shadow becomes an enemy

You can't take it and merely break down to tears

A friend, a savior enters the house

The monsters retreat

No longer can they taunt you

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