Random Funny Attack 2

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funnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy at least i think so

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



Blonde:Oh,no,no,no! I cant remember!

Guy: Cant remember what?

Blonde: The number for 911


Mom:Boy's get up ok?!

Dad:fine,im up!

*3hours later*

Mom and dad:are you up yet?

Kid:yes im up


*2 minutes later*

Dad: Sleep all day,good for nothing,lazy bones!

Kid: Bingo playing,early bird special eating,old geezer!!


Teacher:Uh,what did you draw?


Teacher:Its brown and lumpy...

Student:I know


Mom:Eat the fricken green beans

Kid:You eat it

Mom: I ate them all

Kid: More like chewed on them..

Mom:what do you mean?

Kid:ask the your friends' husbands


Blonde: Hey whatya doing

Guy next to her:Um,not much

Blonde:Oh,who she?


Popular girl:What do you want?

Nerd:What are you doing?

Poular Girl: Not you


Number 3,coming soon

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